Evolution of Humanity is stuck!   BeiYin
BeiYin: Since humans have developed their thinking capacity and especially because they are identified with it, they are stuck on this step of evolution. And this since several centuries. With all its consequences: Endless wars and suffering all over the planet coming near to the total destruction of all live on Earth.
Question: So then why have people chosen to be identified with their thoughts and feelings?
BeiYin: That happened at the moment when together with their thoughts and feelings they had developed their awareness. And then they found out that their thinking was an ability they were owning and could be intentionally used to influence their surrounding and themselves. So then their thinking and feeling became their 'property', connected with all the already practiced behavior like defending their property and gathering and enlarging it. As every body were doing this the best they could, so the individual interests were clashing against each other and with this the competition started and the running after more, which in our days is called 'rat race'.
Question: Is this also one of the steps of human evolution?
BeiYin: Yes it is, but humanity is stuck since quite some time and because of this they are coming near to total destruction, individually and global, what shows up in daily worldwide happenings and also in one's daily private life.
Question: You mentioned the word 'awareness'. What is the exact meaning of it and is 'awareness' necessary for human evolution?
BeiYin: 'Awareness' is the capacity to be conscious about oneself and one's abilities like thoughts and feelings and also the 'awareness' of one's body. Yes, humans are in the state of developing their awareness especially this of their thoughts and feelings, what means that they become conscious about their reactions. Mostly they are still identified with their abilities as their properties and so also with their reactions, so hey are just reacting and not even reflecting about it. They are mostly not able to see what causes their reactions and mainly give the reason to the outside and circumstances and people.
Question: What is the meaning of being 'conscious' about oneself?
BeiYin: That means that one is aware of the fact that one 'exists'. This gives sense and a kind of 'fulfillment' to the individual and so humans try with all means to get more of this and as this feeling of existence is connected with one's 'properties' so then being identified with them has brought with it a totally materialistic attitude, which not only includes properties on the material level but also all those which one might call: idealistic, feelings, self experience, spirituality, etc. Whatever humans do it serves in the first place to get 'self confirmation' and satisfaction and this gives the feeling of 'existence'. Humans are very busy with it and use every thing for it, that shows clearly that indeed they are 'stuck'.
Question: What can humans do for their evolution? What is possible to get out of the state of being stuck?
BeiYin: 'Being stuck' also means being blind or in other words: being not awake, totally depending on conditions and circumstances. So humans manipulate whatever they can, to get what they need and want and all what they do serves in the first place to find 'self confirmation' and satisfaction.
As humanity is being stuck in their materialistic world view and in the first place trying to satisfy their personal needs, so they have to go through a long way of personal struggling and disappointments, suffering up to the limit of what they can take - until they question themselves in all aspects of their doing. Very few humans are ready for this trying to get out of this limited world view and attitude. So people search for different ways to satisfy themselves on a more subtle way. The dilemma is that whatever they do, the motivation still is the one of 'survival' and this means that they have still the urge to survive with their 'personality'. When they chose now to be 'spiritual' or religious, than mostly their materialistic world view hasn't been touched, but the 'spiritual' aspect gives them a new kind of security as their personality is identified with these new concepts of being 'spiritual'.
Question: How can one know if somebody is 'stuck'?
BeiYin: As this is a general situation for humanity, even there might be very rare exceptions, so you can presume that every body is stuck., even so they have more or less developed ways to satisfy their need for 'self confirmation' and satisfaction and also in the way they use others... Isn't this obvious? Or is there any question about it?
Question: No, I have no more questions. I'm tired now and need a break. I can feel that some fear is arising. If all my concepts on which I have worked all my life long and which are giving me a kind of security and help me to survive, are just a mean to find 'self confirmation' for my personal existence, then how I can go beyond this, meaning that I have to drop it? Do you have a proof that humanity is 'stuck'? That would mean that I am also stuck!
BeiYin: The 'proof' is that you don't want to drop your concepts and your self image. When your fear shows up, then you don't want to continue with your questions, you are getting tired or whatever reason you are finding... It is not possible that you drop your identity of which you are taking care all your life long and which is supported by society and all what surrounds you.
Question: Isn't there the hope that humanity grows out of being stuck and goes onto another level?
BeiYin: As long there is 'hope' then this is a good reason not to do anything to maybe change the situation. But it might be that there comes a kind of saturation, especially with those who have the power in this world and are manipulating every thing. These people are also human and even they are totally possessed by their power, they also will come to the moment when they will suffer, having an incurable disease or coming near to their death. Yes, they find ways to deepfreez their bodies to live for ever, but they might know that this is an illusion. But probably they are too deeply stuck in their power and self confirmation games and from there we can't expect any change.
Ever though at the moment there is no individual showing up who might represent a consciousness beyond the level of personality and its confirmation games, it is probably the only way possible that the change will happen is through the 'morphogenetic field'.

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