"Esoteric Prosperity"
Albert Einstein: (Quote) "One cannot alter a condition with the same mind that created it in the first place. ~ "
InkyPinkie: With all respect to a genius, but Albert seems to be stuck in his genius mind. It is very easy to proof him wrong: We all know from experience that it is possible to clean something dirty with a dirty rag... Isn't this surprising?
BeiYin: Albert Einstein belongs to another generation and what was true in his epoch might now be a worn out thinking pattern. Indeed Albert Einstein is wrong but this needs more explication although the example of InkyPinkie is as genius or even more than that what Einstein said. [...]
Betsy: I don't see that the mind created the mind. As far as I can tell the mind is
reactionary behavior, like a mirror reflecting what was. If I'm tuned into that
state or identifying with it, then it seems easy to dream up new conditions of existence for myself in this world, which implies 'altered conditions'. Being
identified with the mind, one creates conditions, then it follows that you can use 'this same mind' to create a new condition. But I think what is being said here is that the mind is not the tool to use to escape from one's conditioned way of responding to life.
BeiYin: ...Writing in news groups one can not expect that basic knowledge is common and so it is necessary to give some simple information first: 
Mind by itself doesn't exist. It always is totally bound to a thinker and these are individuals who in their usual step of evolution are identified with their mind. They are clinging on their mind because they are getting their proof of existence out of it. This is a condition but this is not created by the mind, it is hold by the individual and the mind is used to defend and confirm this condition. One can see it as a state of mind but in reality it is the evolutionary (stuck) state of the individual. [...]
Betsy: To restate this, as I understand it: Thoughts are reactions and the thinker or individual strings them together, producing the phenomenon of mind or in other words the feeling of an "I". So this clinging on their mind is this desire to let this "I" continue, or in other words the desire to hold onto this existence. If this condition is being held by the individual and the individual can clearly see it, then what could be needed to let go of this old confirmation game?
BeiYin: ... Now, how can this condition be altered? 
The first step for this might be that the individual realizes that thoughts are reactions of the system, similar like feelings of any kind: emotions or body sensations. Now the question is what the individual makes out of this. Just using these reactions to be confirmed in one's existence or looking behind and finding the cause of reactions and then maybe changing the cause. If the individual enters in this process what indeed is a growing process, then the conditions are altered and the phenomena is that  the mind serves for this, it is in fact like using a dirty rag to clean.
Betsy: Okay with the first step. But what does it mean to use these reactions to be confirmed in one's existence? It seems to mean reacting from these or giving the
reason for one's next action from that which came before, in a defending
continuing way for one's old patterns.
What does it mean to look behind one's reactions and find the cause for the reaction? This seems to mean looking at one's reaction to something and questioning why one reacted that way. This seems to take a few repetitions before one can really see a certain patterned way of responding. Then the 'why' may be discovered. In this way I can understand the growing process or similar to uncovering the layers of the subconscious behavior. Knowing the why and then armed with this information, then when the reaction appears again, one can respond differently and change the cause.
So then I can see that the mind serves in that it is like a mirror of our reactions, or the stamped image similar to a dirty rag. A sign of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result.
InkyPinkie: Obviously the dog gets fun out of it chasing one's own tail, so why not humans?
BeiYin: What probably is meant is that people are in a game with themselves and they are getting a certain kind of satisfaction out of it. To call this 'insane' would mean that humankind is insane all over, what seems to be right but it can also be seen as a phase within the growing process. It is a reality that people are to a high degree absolutely stupid, but that's what it is. Nobody will call a dog an idiot when he is chasing one's tail, right?
Betsy: In all seriousness, I feel like an idiot and I can laugh at the dog.
InkyPinkie: There is no question, the human system is self sufficient. The individual inside the cage doesn't feel like in a cage, only an observer from outside can make such a statement and as there is nobody outside, so this is another speculation, another game running after one's own tail...
BeiYin: Humankind is not that different from animals. The main difference is that a human can say: "I" and with this one is in a certain degree conscious about oneself. With the result that humans have entered into a series of games with the intention to make this "I" stronger. The main effect does the identification game, which causes among others also this hamster wheel inside a cage in which people are caught and running all their life long. Society has established a whole system of hamster wheels and there is no doubt or questioning about it. All this gives the feeling of  'existence' and as long people are satisfied with it, even when they are suffering from it, then there is no quest.
Betsy: Right now I feel stuck, seeing the identification game yet not knowing how to go beyond this. I intuitively sense this clinging to this way of existence, but can't quite see what I get out of it. Is it that one needs to see the main cause of one's personal satisfaction with it in order to let go? I feel so blinded in this mode, so full of identifying that I feel so much passes me by and this seems reason enough to let go. Are these expressions reasons that I use for my own defense to make my "I" stronger?
InkyPinkie:  Yes, we are higher Dog Beings, we can choose our destiny: We can run in the opposite direction chasing our tail, but first we have to stop running to be able to turn around and this only one of one thousand people might be capable to do. This needs a lot of tough work, although supported by sophisticated techniques of eastern and other philosophical traditions. But it is worthwhile, you will feel happy running in a new direction, you will feel special and you will feel the need to convince other Dog Beings of your new path... If you are strong and have the right charisma other  Beings will run after you... Great! You will be the creator of another New Age! A revolution in human consciousness might start!
BeiYin: It gets very complicate when we realize that within the hamster wheel and cage in which humankind is stuck, also those sophisticated games like philosophy, spirituality, religion, etc. are used to find confirmation of one's existence. Not so long ago people were fighting for very basic things like food, then for land, then for the interests of a leader, then for a believe system or a religious dogma or other political or proper ways of world view. Fighting for one's property and killing, if possible eliminating the opponent. Nothing has changed from the beginning of humankind, still being stuck in the hamster wheel and cage. There seems to be no way out. Once in a while there appears somebody on earth who claims to have found a way out of the cage and is offering a key. But what happens is that what ever is offered has been used for the old established games and is integrated in the old system, what can't be integrated was eliminated and this is still the main way to deal with problems. Sad, but that's what it is. Is there somebody who really want to change this?
Betsy: So it appears that the main game is to prove one's existence with one's mental confirmations to that end. Therefore any conceptual thought up thing is used to that end and what we do is just invent new ones when the old ones wear out. I can see why this can go on for a long long time, people being convinced that they are changing because of the new constructs they create and try to implement on the outside.  So then to summarize, the basic problem is using everything possible to confirm one's existence for one's continued individual survival, when in reality there is nothing there to confirm. Can one break out of the cycle of self destructive behavior by being 'positive' about it? Can we choose new thoughts to build up a new attitude?
BeiYin: There is indeed a key out of the dilemma. Out of the 'Hamster or Dog personality'. This can't be given as an 'instant information' this only can be work, done individually. It depends in the first place on the evolutionary state of the individual, being ready to get out of the old worn out games...
Betsy: I can see that I have one big worn out game that I would like to let go of, but coming up with new thoughts hasn't helped. As I see it, all these 'new thoughts' are taking place in the same self-serving identifying construct and nothing seems to change.
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