Dependencies...  BeiYin
The question is not in the first place to get out of dependencies of chemical addiction. What is behind this - and this is mostly unconscious - are a number of dependencies that are not questioned at all. First of all: dependency from authority; as a result lack of self responsibility; as a result: lack of initiative and motivation; as a result: not asking and searching for the source of one's problems. Instead of this blindly trusting a blind and ignorant health system which is stuck in a materialistic world view and out of this attitude treating disease with chemicals, not healing but making people addicted. One might ask who has created this situation, because people are expecting to get rid of their symptoms in an instant way! These suffering blind people receive what they want from other blind people called medical doctors, who are keeping patients in their blindness. Then the medication is causing more problems and symptoms, that again are treated with chemicals; until maybe one day somebody who has suffered long enough, opens one's eyes and starts to quest this kind of 'help'. This might be the first step out of dependency and addiction and also the first step to a real healing... 
So what is 'real healing'? You might ask. Then read my article: 'Real Healing and Growth is One'.

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