Are humans degenerated animals possessed by concepts?  18.Sept. 05
What makes humans so different from animals? That humans conscious about themselves, - conscious about their existence? Really they are? That they can reflect about themselves and their surrounding? Does humans really do this? Yes, there might be a very few who are capable for this, although their number is not significant, but this mostly latent ability makes it possible to state about the so special distinction from animals and has created the superior feelings of humans. 
What makes humans as beings living on this planet so different from other beings? That they are clever enough to ware clothes because they lost most of their fur during evolution? That they have found very effective ways to kill each other? (The killing within the same species happens rarely among animals...) Is the main difference that humans have created money and using it to manipulate all others and so gaining power? And then becoming that much possessed by their power games that they destroy themselves and the whole planet? Looking to these facts, can one say that humans are 'conscious beings'? 
It might be that there is a confusing mixture of old instincts and sparks of new developed awareness. But how is it possible that humans are aware of themselves and at the same time behave totally unconscious, which not only is damaging themselves but even might eliminate the human species and all life around? 
It might be that people see themselves and at the same time they are blind because they have build - due to their thinking capacity, which allows imaginary and dreams - a lot of CONCEPTS for all and everything, to complete their need to explain the unknown and so give a feeling of security. The problem seems to be, that humans are not only possessed but also totally identified with their concepts and self images and so this makes them blind. They don't need to ask anything anymore and for sure they don't question themselves, as they found their security in their concepts, which obviously serve as a survival technique, although with the absurd effect that on the long run the survivors destroy themselves. 
How I come to this conclusion? Isn't this our obvious reality? When we look around we can easily recognize it. This world is a disaster: a black hole of insecurity and our personal life is very much the same, even though we might have found a kind of frame where things have their place, - due to our concepts... These make up our self image, what is called "PERSONALITY" and for this every body is looking for confirmation. How I know this? All my life I have questioned myself and what surrounds me and since about thirty years I am offering this place FALCONBLANCO as a kind of retreat with the opportunity to do steps to get out of this common self destructive behavior. What I found out to my surprise is that people even being unhappy, they don't want to get out of it. They believe of themselves that they urge for 'self knowledge' but it turned out again and again that what they want is 'self confirmation' nearly without exception. Now after all these years I am coming near to the point to give up my intention of offering a working concept to get out of the blinders. This is not wanted. Although 'self knowledge' (and last not least LOVE) is also part of their self image, when it comes to the part to question oneself, then there is nothing left and they are just disappointed that they can't get self confirmation. A very similar thing happens with my health Web pages: People are looking for a cure for their disease. There are about 1.500 visitors on my pages daily. There is about one response every few months! (The same with this forum!) How this is possible? Because people are looking for a quick solution, a kind of miracle cure. And if they find out that they need to be responsible for themselves and need to go through an engaged healing process, then they leave disappointed... taking their medical prescription and so destroying instead of healing themselves. 
So now you might understand why I didn't write anymore in this forum and not anywhere else. Whatever I write or say, it nearly exclusively serves to confirm one's own individual concept and self image: excepting what is said as part of their already established concept or criticizing it and responding with clever arguments and so finding one's confirmation this way. People coming to FalconBlanco mostly know already everything and if they are well established in their concepts then they know everything better... Indeed then there is nothing 'creative' left. 
In the first place there is established the material concept and even though in every generation people experience war, destruction, accidents, etc. and so they know somehow that there is no given security by gathering property, they continue to strive for the most amount the can get. When they don't succeed on the material level, than people look for some support on a more subtle level and so they come to religion and philosophy and establish a belief system. The most difficult and nearly impossible to deal with are people with 'spiritual' concepts. They know every thing and they have a sophisticated explanation for every thing. What they are looking for is self confirmation in form of an exchange with 'like minded' people and if they can't find this in the way they expect it, then they can get really nasty... 
So why I am going on again and again? Wouldn't it be a consequence to give up? I can understand now Albert Schweitzer why he gave up his established life and went to the poor sick people in the jungle to help there where it was needed... The jungle of our society needs help to get out of the chaos, but nobody wants it and nobody is capable to go beyond one's established concepts. When I am offering here a working concept (relating to reality, making responsible decisions, etc.) then this is adapted and included in one's personal concept and so makes this person capably 'to know everything better', but not realizing it in one's daily life. 
Reflecting about the subject 'self confirmation' I can see the connection between the horrible situation on this planet caused by humans and the human nature, what means the need of humans for 'self confirmation' which is causing suffering and destruction, and this since centuries... Billions of killed people in wars and through manipulation and all in the name of 'self confirmation' even though with different labels. 
It seems to me that daily reality in its most hard aspects is the result - and it looks very much that this is inevitable - because of the step of the evolution humanity is being involved in this moment. or better said is stuck. 
Animals have no concepts, they live spontaneously and react out of the present moment. Yes, they also make their experiences and receive their traumas and then react out of these, the same as humans, but they don't get any feeling of existence out of concepts or self images. So humans indeed are more developed than animals, but that doesn't mean that they are the 'crown of the creation'. I guess pretty far away from this...! People have lost their innocence to live spontaneously the 'here and now' as they are only living through concepts and pictures, even though trying to get back what is lost but again with ideas and images, what just feeds their 'self confirmation' needs and their personality. 
So humans have developed their thinking and feeling capacity and also their awareness about it, what means that they became conscious about it, are able to reflect about it and can express themselves about it. Having developed this abilities was probably the moment when they found out that this was a precious property they were owning. They could use it to feel good, keeping them busy and also this gave them power in many aspects. As the thinking capacity was not equal developed in all, so the more 'intelligent' could use it to manipulate the other, mainly using their needs, especially for 'self confirmation' and so gaining more power and more property (up to our days!). 
As people became identified with their thoughts and feelings, so it gave them the feeling of 'existence' and they found out that they could accelerate this feeling by gaining more property and more power and also by doing things which make them feel and think in an excited way. 
Looking to all those historical personalities which have influenced humanity that much, then we can find out that those people had found a special way to find 'self confirmation' and then the had distributed their ideas and concepts all over the world... This would be enough material to write a book about it and here is not the space for it... But think about it yourself. 
So it looks pretty clear to me that human history is based on 'self confirmation' and the mostly catastrophically results which this had caused and still does at this moment. It seems that humanity in general still is stuck at the 'personality' level, which exclusively is limited to concepts, ideas, images, feelings, thoughts, reactions, doings and material things. There is no visible sign that humans are capable to go beyond their personality level (only in their ideas and fantasies, which remain as part of their personality). 
There seems absolutely no sense to write about it, because people will not understand it, because not wanting to understand, so they will just ignore it, like the most posts in this forum... And in case some body understands something, like with the working concepts I had offered, then these will be integrated in one's established concepts and not really be used. So it seems very much that there is no way... 
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