Dancing at Two Parties at the Same Time? InkyPinkie
Finding oneself sitting between two chairs?
InkyPinkie: There are two main parties going on in our society. One is the big need to make money to feel free, to have security and to complete the common goal. The other is the spiritual party, that gives security on a 'soul level' and let people dance on clouds, flying to subtle horizons, jumping around personal limitations. 
It is very obvious that something doesn't work. Even if people make a lot of money, they are never satisfied by it and rarely happy. The given freedom is doubtful as well as the security gained through money. This party is a deadly, dirty game that is destroying the playground planet Earth, this is pretty sure.
The ongoing spiritual party obviously doesn't satisfy either. Why not? They are promising 'heaven on earth' since two thousand years. What is realized of it? Oh boy! Is this just another political promise to keep us entertained and quiet? Might it be that it doesn't function because people are trying to dance on two parties at the same time? This simply is not possible. So they find themselves sitting between two chairs with the possibility to fall to the hard ground with their precious bum... You can be sure that I am not 'Christian' but what Jesus, no, not the director of my banc, I mean Jesus the guy from this old story book the 'Bible'. What he said makes sense to me: 'Gain first the kingdom of heaven, then every thing else will fall into your lap'. Well said and pretty clear, but is there any Christian living in our society who is practicing this, I mean in normal daily life and not withdrawn in a monastery? Or maybe I don't understand and interpret Jesus' saying wrong? Can somebody help me and explain it to me?
BeiYin: Well observed Inky. This is a hot iron, dangerous to touch. 
InkyPinkie: Why dangerous? Is it because one will become highly confused when looking into it? Then needing to work hard to find a clear position, not depending on authorities what to believe and what not to believe? After all I might fall into a void, loosing my precious personality? There will show up a conflict within myself and in my daily life, that I have to manage somehow, right?
BeiYin: Yes, you are right, we are experiencing it in our 'IC FalconBlanco' where people are trying to live an alternative life but obviously they can't step out of the habits of old thinking patterns, so it doesn't work. It would need some serious decisions and that would include the work on ones 'personality' and that is not what people want to do. They just want to stay like they are, if they get confirmation for that, then this is enough and they will be content. Indeed, it is not possible to dance on two parties at the same time. But people don't know that they are living in a 'split reality'. They are so much used to it that the problems showing up because of this are seen as totally normal and people believe that this is 'life'. 
InkyPinkie: They feel like at a cocktail party where they entertain themselves as much as possible, get drunken and then are happy. Actually people are in a big carnival, wearing masks and playing roles and having no doubts that they are these harlequins, zombies and monsters or important persons, kings, presidents, gurus and saints. How can one get out of these multiples satisfying games?
BeiYin: It is necessary to go to the root of our habits that urges us to play survival games, with these we are using all means and most of our energy, but not being able to 'jump our shadow'. I believe this subject is important and reflecting about it we might discover the key to our problems.

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