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Quote: "I'm crazy or is the world crazy?"
This question comes out of interpretation of one's position in relation to others in a different position, with different attitude and world view. Do you believe being 'normal' means to be, act, feel and think like the majority of humans? So we know that the frame of a concept, being identified with it and striving for a goal, whatever kind, gives security and gives stability to the personality; like a strong wind gives stability to the sailing boat... And it doesn't really matter what kind of goal or concept one has adopted or has received as heritage from society. It is 'normal' to live like people live in this society, even though it is absolutely crazy how people live, what they do, what they eat, how they behave, how they treat animals, plants and the whole environment. Isn't it crazy to destroy one's own home when this is the only place one can live? This for sure is crazy but at the same time it is 'normal' as the majority of humans behave like this.

When now somebody comes and tells people to take responsibility for their behavior and gives arguments which can't be easily rejected, then this will create insecurity as the 'normal' established concept is touched. If there is given an alternative new concept, then the old one might be substituted or at least in parts. But the established system will defend itself, being connected with all kind of interests and as we know from history, individuals of this kind are mostly labeled as crazy and then eliminated, although their input works like seeds and creates new concepts in future generations...

Now one might be confused: who is really crazy? The one who is defending one's concept or the one who is invading it? The 'normal' behavior or the one coming from another level?
Who wants to change the established system steps into a dangerous field, nobody likes if the used life form is touched and automatically this triggers defense reactions. The same happens with individuals, being identified with their way of life which includes all kind of concepts. If one form of life doesn't satisfy anymore, then a person tries to find a different way. For example if a lifestyle based on a materialistic world view is causing problems because there are showing up doubts and questions, then out of insecurity the individual is looking for a new concept which might complete the lack and then a religious or 'spiritual' concept will be adapted. Then this person feels good again but will sooner or later look for confirmation for one's new world view. The easiest to find this is to meet other people with the same believe and it strengthens one's own position when one can argue and fight against other believe systems.

In FalconBlanco there is no offer of any kind of belief system and this makes it difficult for people who still need a frame - and who doesn't? Problems showing up not so soon, because people bringing their 'spiritual' concepts with them and often they project their dreams into the FalconBlanco intention. But if they don't get confirmation, then they leave or adapt their concept to the situation and often finding an alternative way to feel alive, by reacting and going into various games. There are too many of all kind and on all levels and it seems there is no end. But what happens if nobody joins their games? This indeed is dangerous and creates a void which is impossible to deal with, because there is no concept left which could serve to survive. This person falls into a black hole and seems to fade away in one's existence. Then this person pulls the emergency brakes and then shows absolutely crazy reactions which can't be handled and for sure not by talking, as there is no way to use rational arguments. The mental hospitals are full of these people, they are given tranquilizer or put into straight jackets. Can they be healed? This will be very difficult ones they are out of their mind and totally stuck in their unconscious condition, as there is no way to give them a concept that they can gain security again.
So it is clear that craziness is the last defense to hold on one's personality.

"Is there the possibility to go beyond one's personality and so be healed?" No technique and no trick will do this. It only can be the result of a long growing process which can't be forced in any sense. So one might come to the conclusion that the best is to accept one's limitation and incapacity and relate to one's condition and position, understanding one's background and motivation to find satisfaction for one's existence. Then maybe coming to the point when one can be content just by the fact that one exist, even making the experience of 'happiness' which does not depend on any condition! This is hard to believe as it is no concept connected with it. But as we know now: The mind is the most flexible tool humans posses and one's personality can use anything, even the most abstract idea, to identify with it to get satisfaction and self confirmation out of it - and anything written about it will not have any effort, as it will be ignored or one's personal black out will switch off the necessary intelligence, so every thing can stay like it is. No self responsibility, no awareness of one's position, no decision needed... Is this the human nature in it's momentary state of evolution? There is no 'transformation' visible, but if this doesn't happen, then there might be no more future steps of humanity...

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