Craziness is not necessarily 'being out of mind'!   BeiYin
When we use the word 'crazy' then we are referring to a person whose behavior or expression is outside of the norm of what we call 'normal people'. But a crazy person might be well adapted to the usual social behavior, as the life of several mass murders show. And we probably all agree that a mass murder is crazy. Now it would be necessary to find out why a person is addicted to kill other people, but this goes too far for a post here.
So a crazy person is not necessarily 'out of mind' or the mental capacity is damaged or reduced. In contrary: many totally crazy people have a very high intelligence. So what is wrong with them? Probably they had a traumatic impact on their emotions once in their life and this triggers ways to compensate it and this can be extremely and they have no control over it even though their mind functions well and they are virtuous to explain every thing in a rational manner, but also it will happen that out of a sudden they become totally irrational and jump from one extreme to the other, in contradiction to what they had expressed a moment before, then it might also happen that they act violent and out of all control. These people are often very 'spiritual' at least this is their self image supported and confirmed due to their sophisticated knowledge about it. It is not just pretending a certain self image, it is really part of their beliefs and they are totally identified with it, although there are splits in their personality, where one part are not conscious about the other. Indeed incredible and they know how to impress others and to manipulate them, - to get what they want. With this ability they even might become world leader or owner of world empires! Looking at it this way we might come to the conclusion that this world is governed by a handful of crazy people! Looking at the reality of the present condition and situation of humanity, then there is no doubt about it. But how it is possible that we are manipulated by a few crazy 'world leader'? Because we are sheep, naive and in dependency. Used to do what authorities tell us to do and one of the authorities is the established society, telling us what to think, to believe, to eat, to buy and every thing else. All is established: well organized and in its place. What doesn't mean that it really works, but there is enough control over every thing, so it stays in a possible frame, although craziness shows up every where and on all levels. That leads to the conclusion that the crazy people are not only those with high intelligence governing all the rest, but also those who are crazy enough to allow to be manipulated and used as slaves within a gigantic game. Then there are a number of highly intelligent and crazy people who are not at the top with the few 'world leader' but doing their compensation and power games in a more individual way doing what they can to find their satisfaction; very sophisticated to influence and manipulate people, they often use their professions which gives them authority. (I will not name any profession... just look around!)
Some of them use their intelligence and knowledge to break down others, which is not really difficult, as 'personality' consist in identification with mind and emotions, and as there is always a gap where one can hook a lever, even strong personalities soon fall apart. Obviously this is an alternative way to kill and probably gives the same satisfaction as to slaughter bodies and it gives them the feeling to have power, so with this their existence is confirmed! They feel like gods and they are untouchable. If somebody points out their games or does not obey, will be in danger to be destroyed! There is no moral or ethic about what they are doing (even they might be religious or spiritual!) How is it possible that millions of people were killed in the name of god? Isn't all this crazy?
And in our days? We are living in a way which shows occupation in the first place for money, pleasure and satisfaction of our most primitive needs, then there are some who feel the need to add some spiritual varnish to their life... All are living as if their life never ends! Ah, yes: one must live in the NOW! Oh gosh, isn't this really crazy???!!!
PS: You might ask: How I know all this? I have made my personal experiences. Looking into it I can say that relationships are often 'killer games' where one tries to break down the other. Looking to daily life: Isn't this often like trying to kill us? Or breaking down our 'personality'? So I can conclude that these 'killer' tendencies we are confronting, are part of our growing process, with the aim to free us from the 'illusion of personality'. So wouldn't it be easier to accept this and not putting that much effort and energy into our defenses? Like wanting with all means to defend one's life long used strait jacket instead of breathing freely fresh clean air. Who is not crazy?