BeiYin's reflections in his Radio Show "The People Whisperer"
Communication - what is it really? We are living in the age of communication! Nearly every body is carrying a 'handy' in one's pocket and people talking with each other every where all the time. But is this communication? The Internet is full of millions of messages and there are an endless number of exchanges in discussion boards, mailing lists, news groups, etc. But is this communication?
I guess communication is when one individual gives a sign of one's existence to another individual. Right? So giving a smoke signal is communication. Expressing oneself through any kind of sign which can be heard or seen is communication? There is something missing. It is the receiver. If a signal is send out and is not received by somebody, then this is not communication. There must happen an exchange or at least one side has to receive. Does this mean that when a musician is playing his instrument or a singer is singing and there is somebody who is listening that this is communication? If the listener is receiving the 'message' then probably it is.
But is communication limited to signals that are received through sound or visible signs? Isn't even a blink of one's eyes a communication between two people? And looking deep into each others eyes might be a more profound communication than lots of talking or messages. If this is so, then touching a person might be also communication. Having a cup of tea together might be communication. Doing just a gesture, then also is communication. So what is not communication?
All reaching out or giving attention to a person is the intent to communicate. Right? It is like an invisible smoke signal: Hey, I am here! Can you see me? Can you hear me? Please call back that I know that you received my message. Then I know that I exist and then you know that you exist!
So what is the reason why people communicate and why is this so important?
Because they confirm each other in their existence. Not more and not less! Humans do the same as animals and all alive beings are doing it. When two animals meet each other, then they are communicating each other, they have their language, with signs, smells, gestures and they know how to read this. They can even communicate in a long distance, they all do it and they don't need a handy...
Knowing why we all have the urge to communicate, then we might also understand why we are not really satisfied with the way we communicate. It isn't enough that we just confirm each other in our existence. Obviously not, we want this to be more perfect. To fulfill this need, now with the mobile telephones one can also can transmit images to another person. When we communicate through the Internet when chatting, we want to see the other and can install a video camera. The next will be that all telephones will have a screen and people calling can see each other. They still can't touch or smell each other. This would even be more perfect. But probably still not enough. What is missing?
Can we find out about it? I can sense what it is, but I will leave it open for now... What do you think about it? Tell me, then we will talk more...

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