Comment to a letter from the Dalai Lama  BeiYin

The letter of the Dalai Lama for sure is beautiful and  contains truth, there is
no doubt about this,- apart that it is an  advertisement to join the buddhist religion.
But then, what can we get out of it, so that we can use it in our  daily life,
in our conflicts and in the situation of desperation we  are right now? Not to
have fear and asking for love is like telling  somebody in the dessert not to be
thirsty or to ask somebody in the  same situation for water. To have a loving
posture and expressing  this through nice words might not be enough, there is
just not  enough 'presence'. Probably this is the failure of any written word
and all pictures transmitted through paper and screen. Or is it  because often,
like in this letter, the truth is too general and  doesn't meet one's situation
and feeling in this very moment?
How can we 'demonstrate at the highest level our most extraordinary thought
about Who We Really Are', when we are just the normal  limited creatures who we
are right now? Every things else is a  beautiful concept, which we might want to
adopt with the hope to get  out of our unbearable conflicts. But is there much
difference  between the offered concept and the one of Christianity? For sure
not, the Christians are also talking a lot about love, etc. and what  is really
there? As far as I know, most of Americans are Christians,  right? As it was
said: 80% support a war. Without further comment!
So it looks like, we are in a real conflict. We might need to track  this down:
Why is it like this? Might it be, that there is a  conflict because the
discrepancy between our concepts and reality?  Isn't it because we obviously
can't fit it together? What means that  we can't live our beautiful concepts in
our ugly daily life. And  then we are disappointed, frustrated and coming to a
state of  hopelessness and desperation and then somebody comes and tells us
that we must love and strive to our highest level! Obviously this  doesn't work.
It didn't when we were not yet in a strait jacket of  desperation, so why it
should work now?
In it's time these religious concepts might have given something to  hold on and
to find sense in it to be able to survive in a  materialistic world of money
maker. A religious or spiritual concept gave the necessary background
security, being able to go on with  one's goals given by society. But where we
are now with that?  Doesn't it show up pretty clear that maybe we should check
our  belief systems? Our concepts of life and all what we use to survive?  The
absurd situation is that with these concepts we probably will  not survive. We
do our best to eliminate the human race. Beginning  with ourselves, each of us.
Yes indeed, it's time for a profound checkup. Can we use this  platform for
this? Of course the checkup each of us has to do by  oneself, but we might find
out more in details, for what we need to  search and which steps we can take to
get out of conflict and  confusion. We can try? What else can we do, than
trying? We have  nothing to loose than our old worn out concepts...

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