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Chat from 23. of January 2002 starting at 10.30pm:
[The first part of the chat was accidentally not saved.]

Betsy: What is zeitgeist?
jen: Zeitgeist a german word which as I understand it translates to "spirit of the times".
BeiYin: Zeitgeist = the position of evolution of the common (advanced?) consciousness.
Betsy: Doesn't seem like Zeitgeist would then have a location...
jen: No, a "zeitgeist" has no specific location but for example there have been places which have captured the spirit of the times ie: paris in the 1920's for instance
BeiYin: So obviously we at FalconBlanco are too far ahead of the "Zeitgeist", but we can't go backwards and so the question is what can we do?
BeiYin: The most important seems to be that we can create a frame in which people find a kind of  security and the most important is a stable team, then whatever happens can be taken and can be supported.
jen: A frame, yes that is a wonderful analogy and with this strong coherent framework building can begin.
Betsy: What kind of frame did you have in mind that would give people this 'security'?
BeiYin: A team is important because then there is not the projection of a master or leader, it is more the energy which carries the group happening.
Betsy: claro
BeiYin: The frame is the team and that things are well organized, not rigid but organical coming out of the needs, the frame is that people know exactly what they are doing and there is a daily time table of the ongoing events.
jen: It seems the frame is already there. In reading your web site for the past year and seeing the recent changes in this web site I have noticed a clarity of vision that I did not get before.
BeiYin: Yes, even at the moment we have this frame so that we can function even we are only three people, but to have a group of 'confused people' from outside here we are not prepared.
jen: But, as you say, you need more people which is true.
Betsy: Such as in monasteries or in vipassana centers?
BeiYin: Yes, this gives people a kind of security and then we have the possibility to give them something they can take home and go on in a more creative way. It is not just a technique or some essential information it is an experience.
Betsy: Mostly it seems impossible to live with people, so this looks to be a better way to offer an experience but not for us to get so burned out from it.
BeiYin: To get burned out from it must be avoided and so we need the team... 
I believe a two week retreat is much easier than dealing with people who stay here for three months or longer. People in a retreat will not enter the phase of resistance, projecting their own conflicts to the outside. Yes they will also, but this will be taken by the group and channeled into the daily program.
Betsy: Interesting phrasing...
jen: So this is a way to gently ease someone into the ideas of falconblanco for 2 weeks and then let them go home and let these ideas "cook" ...
BeiYin: I wouldn't say "cook" but we can give some essential information which can be experienced in the time being here and then people can continue where ever they go.
Betsy: I see it as a way to offer essential information in a concentrated burst of time.
Betsy: Assuming we dropped the whole pallet thing and just switched to retreats, then we could focus full time on clean up and retreat organization. Couldn't we start right now before there are 'enough' team members?
BeiYin: If we drop the pallet thing then we depend on the income from the retreats and this is something we don't want, because then we are not really free to offer the retreats without charging anything, not even expecting donations. With the relatively little work with the pallets we are staying completely independent.
jen: Do you have neighbors there? Are any community members outside of FB interested or willing to trade for work?
BeiYin: People from outside are not possible, we tried this several times.
Betsy: You don't think the 'rainbow' people would volunteer for a week or two?
BeiYin: These rainbow people are on another boat...
jen: I must go now, to pick up my daughter from school I have enjoyed this very much and look forward to chatting again soon. I send you all my best wishes and support... jen
Betsy: Bye jen, hasta luego.

Betsy: Don't we now depend on the pallets? I don't see it the same, less dependence, but still there are dependencies, the truck driver, the buyer, etc.
Laura: Pero los pallets son menos pesados que la gente... ;-)
BeiYin: In a certain way yes. If we drop this, then we also drop the whole food part. Then there is nothing left. OK, we might do this. So this would be an exercise of 'trust'. Well, I'm ready for floating in the air and nourishing myself with air. But on the other hand if we drop what we have developed during the last four years and what was a part of the process of FB, then we must ask ourselves why we really want to drop it. Is it because it is too much work now or is it the kind of work (recycling) which doesn't fit our life style anymore. Or is it because we are just tired and now there is a lack of energy? 
Betsy: Then there needs to be some way to start the retreats now, because there will not be enough people in the near future to clean up because all our time is spent maintaining.
If you keep the current framework, then you have to have a team before anything else starts, because it is too complicated for retreat members to really be that helpful in.
BeiYin: We can't start any retreat if there are not at least six people as a permanent team at FB. We can't expect that retreat participants are capable for any work accept some maintaining work and some daily cleaning.
Betsy: So if it takes 4 people to comfortably maintain the framework, then that leaves only two to 'run' the retreat. Still seems short handed...
BeiYin: No, it doesn't need four people for the frame work. Six people working six hours daily makes 36 hours. Six hours or maximum eight hours are necessary for the retreat, so there are left 28 hours for maintaining etc. that's plenty.
BeiYin: So the next step is that we find at least three more people for a permanent team. If this is not possible then there are no retreats in the future. And even there are coming a few 'three months helper' it will not be possible.
Laura: Manana seguimos limpiando un poco mas. Buenas noches.
Betsy: Buenas noches Laura.
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Betsy: These people need to come soon. But I don't have high hopes that they'll come...
BeiYin: We don't need hope, we need trust that whatever happens it will be the right thing. And this is an important step we have to complete NOW!
This is part of the retreat program we are offering. This is essential for a new position in life and so we ourselves have to realize this step, otherwise it would be the normal teaching of concepts, theories, illusions, dreams... That is what is offered often at places and that's what people sell and buy.
Betsy: You are right on the trust thing, what has to be done to complete it? It just feels like we are stuck in this framework and the people don't show up.
BeiYin: Well this is your individually step in your personal evolution.
Laura: No needs individual, creo, a lo que se refiere Betsy, es el proceso de limpieza y cambio de FB.
BeiYin: If we three can do this 'step' then there is no problem anymore and people will show up to complete the team.
"Gain the kingdom of heaven, then every thing else will fall into your lap."
Limpieza incluido.
Laura: Tenemos un muy largo proceso individual para confrontarnos cada uno con nosotros mismos, pero igual de largo para confrontarnos con el otro, aceptarlo y formar ese famoso equipo, equipo de corazon, no solamente de trabajo.
BeiYin: If there are two or three gathered in "my name" then I am among you. (Jesus)
Laura: Que dice Jesus en espanol?
BeiYin: Dice: "Si hay dos o tres unidos en mi nombre entonces estoy entre vosotros" (mas o menos)
Betsy: You say NOW, and it's each our own individual step, and then have trust. But how can it be NOW when I don't know what it is to do next???
BeiYin: Yes, this is a trap. If we are stuck in the frame work then we are cought. So that's why I said we must take it easy not to waste our energy getting exhausted. The most important is not the work outside, cleaning etc. but the work inside and in this the actual step is to find the trust...
This is now, - because this is the door so that can happen what we need on the outside. So if the door 'trust' opens then we can go ahead to whatever this might be... and then we don't need to ask what will be the next because we don't depend on the answer ahead of the happening.
So if it is too difficult to find this "trust" then I suggest that we first find the trust that we will find the trust... (I guess this goes into the "sayings" of InkyPinkie.)
to be continued...

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