How to get out of the Bigger Box?
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Humans have high concepts like: Go(o)d, truth, justice, freedom, peace, love, harmony, etc. If something is not good, right... does it necessarily mean it's bad, wrong...? Do you think it's good or right... to think there are higher concepts?

BeiYin: This is a highly advanced question, because hardly any body is aware 'being in a box' and so the question how to get out is irrelevant. In the actual state of evolution of humankind individuals are living in small or bigger boxes and even the idea to get out, to live beyond, - is a concept and a box.
Question: Humans have high concepts like: Go(o)d, right, truth, justice, freedom, faith, love, etc. If something is not good, right... does it necessarily mean it's bad, wrong...?
Answer: Humans have developed 'personality', at the same time and on the same road they have created 'concepts' and have made these to their property. This 'property' forms an important parat of their personality as it involves their mind and emotions. Their properties give them identity and so they must develop these constantly on all levels and then defend these with all means. People react mentally, emotionally and also physically when their 'property' is touched or invaded and they are looking constantly for confirmation for their personality and property, that is the most precious for them and means all, - that is still the 'small box'. When they get confirmation, then they feel content and are satisfied and then - wanting more and more. Not getting enough confirmation, people provoke their surrounding and others and so getting reactions they can use for themselves, entering into a game with others in which they find their feeling of existence, - although this is a 'fake existence' based on a 'fake reality' created by concepts and established in ones personality. This is not good and right, it is what it is: A still primitive state of evolution in the growing process of humanity. It is 'bad' in so far, as it is coming out of a  'stuck' condition and it looks like, that the only way to overcome this condition, is that the rigid structure must break down. This shows in peoples life, when more and more suffering and disappointment is ruling their daily happenings, causing so much stress, that their system breaks down in various diseases on all levels.

Question: Do you think it's good or right... to think there are higher concepts?
Answer: When it becomes more and more obvious, that the established concepts doesn't work for ones daily life survival needs, then people search for 'higher concepts' and they find them because they were created and delivered to those who ask for it. These concepts will work for some time to allow people to survive, when it becomes clear that the concepts that had formed the 'fake reality' doesn't serve any more. Then they are satisfy as they see themselves in a 'bigger box'. But also with those new highly sophisticated concepts people will come to a point when these are worn out and then the individual comes to a state of being where ones appearing void must be confronted and this will be only possible, when one goes beyond ones established 'personality'...
Question: Higher concepts require higher consciousness. We know they exist. They are just out of reach. How can we reach them?
Answer: Concepts of what ever kind, the most simple up to the most sophisticated 'higher' concepts are established in ones personality and for this only require just the average consciousness. Well, for the highest concepts probably a bit more intelligence is necessary, but more consciousness not, because a concept doesn't need any realization to be part of the personality. That a concept can be realized, that indeed requires that the consciousness is at the same high level and this would require that the level of personality is left behind...
Of course people know that these higher concepts exist, because they are available on request and one can establish them. They serve in the first place to help to survive with ones personality when the old concepts are worn out.
Concepts are not out of reach, unless one is too simple minded, but the realization is out of reach if the development of ones consciousness is not at the same 'high' level, but this is not 'required' as the concept fulfills its purpose: to give fresh identification to the personality and so being enabled to go on, turning around oneself in a game with oneself and ones surrounding, feeling happy in ones still 'fake reality'.

How can we reach the realization of our highest concepts?
Answer: This is a good question if it comes out of an urgent need within ones personal growing process and that would mean the need to go beyond ones personality.
Let's make it very clear: To go 'beyond ones personality' is not a state of being of some one within our society. This state probably does not yet exist, but yes, there are individuals who have the longing. For those an answer of this question will have a meaning and be useful.

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