Why are we looking for 'like minded' people and 'kindred spirits'?

Why are we forming clubs, groups, associations, parties, etc.? Aren't these a kind of extension of ourselves? If people come together with the same interests, then we feel confirmed in our own beliefs, concepts and images. We can exchange our ideas with each other, which is the same as confirming our own. If there is a discrepancy, then we will try to convince others of our own viewpoint, and if this is not possible then we will feel uncomfortable and probably leave and look for another group which fits better.

So what is this all about? Isn't it that we are identified with our ideas, concepts and images and then to make our position strong we need to have it confirmed from the outside? Other people serve to give us this confirmation, and this is the reason why we form groups of like minded people with similar concepts. These groups manifest on all levels and with multiple facets: From chit-chat, intellectual or spiritual discussion groups in the Internet, confirming each other with their high-pitched concepts or from militant groups fighting against contrary ideals and so strengthening their own.
Isn't all of this a big game, serving for nothing else other than to nourish one's personality? The sad part is that this game of personal confirmation fills one's eyes totally with one's own need to prove oneself, not leaving any space left to see what is really happening in the world around.

When we look at history and see the reality of the beautiful (Christian) concept of 'love': Millions of people were killed during the last 2,000 years in the name of a loving God! And the killing goes on and on... There is starvation of a big part of people on this planet and then in other parts of the world people are getting sick from eating too much, etc.
Where is the realization of all these ideas, Christian or otherwise?
We are cheating ourselves and hiding behind images which have little to do with reality. Isn't it time to wake up, meaning to become 'aware' of our situation, position and ourselves?


PS: This reflection is not meant to offend anybody, but probably it will and then there will come strong reactions, which confirm what I have written, because if someone is defending ones position then this also confirms... It just shows clearly that one is stuck. Who is not capable to look at this situation will of course find a good reason to reject what was written to be able to stay untouched. Then this personality can only be cracked through tough circumstances: through a disease? Might this be one significant reason why we got sick in the first place??? Or is it so much easier to give the fault to the outside not to look at oneself? This obviously has to do with awareness...

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