Awakening into Awareness
Quote: There are many who have "awakened" into a larger, broader and deeper
understanding of  the fundamental nature of Reality.

BeiYin: 'Many' is very relative. In my estimation it is about one of one million but not more than one of one hundred thousand, that's about fifty to five hundred people in the whole Internet. Sometimes it seems to me between five and fifty is more realistic. 
Why this is a subject for me? Because I am working in the Internet since ten years and feel sometimes totally lost. I continue even there seems to be no sense in it because hardly anybody is responding.
The Internet is still in its beginning and mainly commercial, that's pretty clear, that means something like 'awakening' is hard to find. Yes, it exist, but the presence is not yet visible. What shows for example in search engines. The categories 'spirituality, consciousness, transcendence, awareness, etc.' doesn't exist. That is because too few people are interested. But this might change. 
Most of spiritually interested people reject the idea to have a Internet connection because of its low level, apart of its technical impersonal aspects. With the result that the level stays low.
I am trying to do something about it. My articles in news groups and mailing lists trigger hardly any response and it seems like that by looking at those last four years it is becoming worse now. The level of the news groups is going down because the few people who had to say something essential disappeared. Mailing lists with a certain level doesn't exist and the Web sites with something worthwhile are hard to find in the mass of commercial crap.
So I wanted to create a new searching engine and tried to find interested people for this. My effort was without any result. I was even kicked out of two mailing lists!
It is the same with my intention to initiate a spiritual community (Eco village - intentional spiritual community). With this I am busy since more than thirty years and still there is no real team together. The living space is installed and everything is ready for about twenty people. It is hard to believe but hardly any body is interested. In the first place because we don't want drugs, alcohol and tobacco and people must agree to meditate at least once a day. That's all, but this is too much for people...
I am convinced that if a few people would come together, they could do something essential and effective. In a community and as well in the cyber space. The difficulty seems to be that this only can happen in a 'new way' that means without concepts or leader, just with one's own responsibility and awareness... 
Obviously there are too few people who are capable for this, any kind of self discipline or responsibility (or a minimum of awareness) seems to be ask too much for, so 'awakening of many' seems still pretty far away...

Comment: Perhaps your community will just need to grow more organically... I know that living in community can be very challenging for many people. And rules about behavior can, for some people, feel very prescriptive and restrictive....

BeiYin: Indeed it is growing organically, that's the reason why it is growing since 30 years. That's what I understand by 'organically: NOT trying to live a concept, a dream or an ideology. What you call a challenge might be that people going out of the normal social life with its structure and that they adapt then a new concept. This will be a challenge because they will be in conflict with their old way of thinking and behavior and the newly adapted concept. That's not what I mean. A true challenge is the confrontation with life how it comes to someone, without being protected, directed or ruled by a concept (or leader). The challenge would be to relate to whatever comes without restriction of any kind of blinder. (This is a subject I am writing about in my Web site. It is all about: "Relating to Life - The Art of Living")
We have no rules in FalconBlanco. The fact that we don't take drugs, that we don't drink alcohol and don't smoke, is no rule. We just don't have the need to do it. It is not part of our life, so it can't be called 'rule'. Not having the need to use certain things is the condition of ones individual structured personality and it is the precondition to be here. The same with 'discipline': There is nobody who tells what has to be done or what the different members should do. There are things to be done, every day and new things in each moment. So we need to be aware of this and we need to respond to it. What includes that we talk about it: what, when, how and who will do it. For this 'self discipline' is essential. But of course it can't be a rule.
The same with 'meditation': We meditate twice a day together. This is no rule. We do it because this feels right and is a necessity of all and each of us. If this feels like a rule for someone, OK, then this person can see it like this and just agree with it for the moment. If after some time it is not felt and seen as something of one's own, then this person should better look for another place, because in a long run this person will not feel good. This is one of the first conditions to be here: That one feels good about being here. If someone feels  good and after a while this changes, then we must find out the reason. This might come out of the background of this person or it might be something what happens being together with  the other members and doesn't feel right. (Maybe we are betraying ourselves by seeing things in a certain way? Or one's expectations are not fulfilled.) So at least once a week we are talking about it. This is no rule, also this should come out of the need of each of us. What means that if somebody is not part of the 'organically growth' of FalconBlanco, can't be a  real member of the team. 

Yes, it is possible to imagine that one day humanity will be such a 'team', but this kind of image is useless and even dangerous because it can be converted into a dream, a kind of utopia, which then might be molded into a new concept. People will adapt it and will come together to form 'Intentional communities' or whatever, trying to live it - and this will not function. They will have to come down from their dream cloud and respond to real life...

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