What is the Right Attitude?
Quote:"Right Attitude: When you are told you are good, you should not relax but should try to become even better. Your continuous improvement gives happiness to you, to those around you and to God." (Paramahansa Yogananda)

BeiYin: Where are we? This quote is from the 19th century and the subject is for 6-9 years old kids. Like this, children were manipulated and formed. Like this, all kind of religious sects were manipulating their members and in a similar way gurus were manipulating their devotees.
People haven't changed that much in one hundred years and still the majority are like sheep without reflection under the guiding protection of an authority. In Internet groups with the highest level available it should be different. Well, it should be, obviously it isn't... Gosh!

Quote:"I do not expect anything from others, so their actions cannot be in opposition to wishes of mine."

BeiYin: You are presenting another facet of your survival techniques and you are calling it "Right Attitude". You are not expecting anything, so that you will not be disappointed if your wishes will not be fulfilled. 
Your twisted expression clearly shows, that you are pretending not to expect anything, but that you are indeed expecting too much, so you need a technique to protect yourself.
If you would be free of wishes, that would mean that you are an enlightened saint and apart of daily reality, then you would not need to protect yourself and surely you wouldn't need any attitude, not even a "Right Attitude"
Pretending not to expect anything from others is starry-eyed and ignorant of the world. It is against life and against being human. The artificial way to cover our normal human expectation with a concept of non relating and hiding, will cause other people to react to this attitude and push this tricky person into even more isolation. People might be stupid but they are sensing if a  person is authentic or not and will react, although unconsciously and turn away from the 'pretender'. Because of this there might come the strong need for followers and devotees and other sophisticated techniques, for example the "path to enlightenment" and as well missionary attitudes. 
One who is tired of all these games, which are nothing else than survival techniques for one's personality, will not have too much difficulties to look through this pseudo spirituality and will query all this, including oneself. The first approach might be, to form critical questions and not to take for granted that what clever people with authority are telling us, using it for their own advantage. Then we will be able to recognize their motives and see that their actions are part of personality and power games. 
Can this be the first step to become an adult? It might be frightening and one might feel alone - but this might be the 'path to freedom'. 

 Quote:"Right Attitude: Avoid a negative approach to life. Why gaze down the sewers when there is loveliness all around us? One may find some fault in even the greatest masterpieces of art, music, and literature. But isn't it better to enjoy their charm and glory? Life has a bright side and a dark side, for the world of  relativity is composed of light and shadows. If you permit your thoughts to dwell on evil, you yourself will become ugly. Look only for the good in everything, that you absorb the quality of  beauty."  (Paramahansa Yogananda)

BeiYin: An 'Attitude', if it shows as an expression of one's being, is authentic. Avoid to pretend something which is not the expression of your being. 
Avoid manipulation on all levels, with the intention to change people, things or happenings, or your own feelings or thoughts, to bring them nearer to your images of the world or yourself.
So how is it possible to avoid something, if we are doing it anyway? Isn't it better to say: I admit that I am trying to manipulate and that I am pretending wherever and whenever I can. I will try to be aware of this, wherever and whenever I can. 
When I see things in a negative way, then this is my personal attitude, coming out of my personal history, this is my reaction to life - because I am programed like this. I will try to be aware of this, wherever and whenever I can. 
I will not try to change my attitude if it comes out of self protection. I will try to be aware of the reason and why I am reacting in this way. Then I can make a decision and might change my viewpoints, then my attitude will change by itself...
This world is not just beautiful, indeed there is very little love around us. It is like this and this is our reality, even if we are suffering from it and desire that it might be different. It is because people living for goals, ideas, pictures, images, wishes, etc. They are trying to manipulate to fulfill their desire and lying to themselves and others, pretending to be something what they are not, reducing their existence to a shadow of their picture. Provoking reactions in their surrounding and causing all this reality from which they are suffering to such an extreme. 
If we only see what we want to see, rejecting everything which goes against our images and then calling all these negative, we will not be able to see our reality, we will go on pretending, lying and suffering... 
So what? 

Shall we go pretending, just in a more 'spiritual' way? To see only the positive in this world and ourselves? Distributing and adding our part to this world of liars? And of course accepting all lies around us if these are confirming our own lie, no matter where they came from, from a so called 'guru' or an other authority- the authority of our own images - keeping us dependent and sleeping... 

If we don't look at the negative and don't admit the reality like it is, for example that we are all liars, more or less, because this is inbuilt in our structure, this is the survival technique of one's personality, which is part of the survival system of every alive being, - then we are suppressing and so we will not be able to be aware of it and to change it. Putting a cover of beautiful attitude paint on a chaotic base will not help the individual growing process. The world will not change for a better. - 
The advice to see only the positive and beauty will cause that we are going on with the common game of pretending and lying... 
No wonder that everything which confirms these games are accepted and something which not confirms it is ignored. Why should the Internet be different from anything else in this world? Yes, there are beautiful possibilities. The horizon can only be that wide as the reality of the individuals, with idealistic ideas we can fill mega and gigabytes of disc space but we will stay ignorant and silly as we are and slowly destroy ourselves and the world. Why? Because if we don't wake up by our own decision, the card house of our dream world will brake down and then there will be no trick left and we will have to open our eyes...
Question:Why should you deal with "Attitudes"?
BeiYin:Your attitudes are part of you, you are acting and reacting out of your structure which form also your attitudes. Is there a need to deal with yourself? Only if there is a problem with yourself. You are not satisfy with the reactions you are provoking because of your behavior?
And as your behavior is resulting from your attitude, so you want to change them? So that you get different reactions from your surrounding? Why are you not satisfy with those reactions? Because it is not what you expect to receive in return? What is it you want to receive? You want to be accepted? You want confirmation for your imagination of what you believe you are? Who are you? What is the image of yourself? Why you want confirmation of this? To confirm the structure of your personality? That what you believe you are? So isn't your attitude and your way how to provoke reactions in daily life the visible sign of your structure? 
Why you want to change this? Who wants to change this? Are there different images of yourself? Are you caught in a game with yourself? What could be the purpose of this? How you could get out of this? 

There is a key. A very simple one, you don't need to search for this key, you have it, you own it, nobody can give it to you, nobody can take it away from you, it is very near to you. 
What this key is? Ask for it, then you will find it...

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