Anger & Violence
When I was a student, I used to work in the vacation in a fair in another city doing all kind of jobs. I had no place to stay and when a nice guy who also was working there, invited me to share his apartment with him, I accepted. In the evening, before falling into sleep, we were talking about all kind of things. In one of this talks I ask him how he deals with his anger. He said: "No problem, when I'm really pissed off, then in the night I go into the street and stand behind a corner and the next person passing by I beat up until I feel released."
I couldn't believe what I heard, but it was obviously true. He was a tall, strong guy and the chance that his aggression would have turned against him was not very high.
Is this the cause for violence? Is this the cause of the growing violence every where? That people release their anger using other people, specially weaker one's? We see this in growing domestic violence and every where were people are coming together. They use the occasion to get out their anger: in demonstrations, manifestations or in the football stadium.
One might say: 'Let them break their noses to each other as long as I am not effected.' Hm, but you might be effected if you come home one night from a party and at the corner you meet one of these 'nice guys' who need to release his anger...
What are YOU doing to release your anger? You are watching your daily movie in TV with all the offered violence, with killing and torturing of all kind in the most realistic way possible, it only needs that the blood is running out of your TV that it would be more realistic. So you relax on your sofa and suck in all these violence, drinking beer and eating potato chips, identifying yourself with the hero or with the bad guy, depending who is the most clever and strongest. Or you watch the killing in reportage of the war going on and as you are a patriot you have a good reason to identify with your troops and release your anger. Does this really work? I don't think so: Anger and violence are constantly growing in our society and in its consequence and as an outcome also depressions, disease and suffering.
So what could be an alternative, creative solution to deal with one's anger?

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