Accidents don't exist  BeiYin
There was a forest fire which came from the other side of the road... There have been several during the last few years. Probably provoked. Before we could stop these fires so that they did not come to our houses and forest. This time it was different. Due to the strong wind it jumped over the road and came to our property. 
I was not at home, there was only one person left. When I arrived, the fire was everywhere and the whole place full with police, fire fighter, a lot of people lurking and the TV and reporters. The fire seemed to be all over the place and it was burning with high flames. The fire men had to bring trucks with water because there was no electricity and our pumps didn't work. The air was full with several air plains and helicopters,
throwing water into the flames. 
Several store rooms full with material burned down, many plants and a lot of material which was stored in the open air. Living spaces were not destroyed. The fire had stopped half a meter before it reached our biodiesel production and also it had stopped a few meter before it came to the stored pallets. 
During the last few months we were cleaning up the place, which happened very slowly. Now the fire did the job in good parts. It just needs to clean up the ash and what's left over. 
The problem is that it has to happen now very fast, otherwise the authorities will do it and we will have to pay the bill, beside the fine which might give us serious problems. 
Is this the end of FalconBlanco? For me it is pretty clear that this was not an accident, for sure it has a specific meaning, although I can't see it yet at this moment. 
The work of several years went down in a few moments. Plants growing for many years and been taken care, died in the flames. 
I can see that maybe we were still trapped on the level of matter, dealing with what shows up in a responsible way might not be enough. Probably it needs something more, - or less...

Reflections about the happening some days later:
Indeed, traps are stepping stones. We are going from one to the next. 
It is a growing process. Taking a position, filling it out, living it, transforming it and with this doing a step in our growing. 
There is no need that the blossoms are dropped that the fruit can grow, they fall by themselves.

>Zin: Just simple adaptation. Sorry about your loss, good luck.

There is only a 'loss' if one sees it like this. If we buy something then we are gaining. Right? But we have to pay for it and this is not felt as a loss. We all have to pay for our experiences. We have to spend time and energy and also money. We don't see this as a loss. When there is a drastic happening and we are kicked out of our settled position, then we might need to pay for it, not with money, but maybe with something which is precious to us. What we gain will probably more precious, so why see the happening as a loss? 
Another thought:
A person who wants to learn to swim, needs some trust that the water will carry them. This trust is theory, a kind of believe, built up by thoughts, information which were received... But when the person goes into the water and is loosing the ground under one's feed, then this trust might get lost and panic starts. Then the person remembers the other information about the movements to swim and uses this. Starting to float with the effort of the movements gives the first practical experience that the water indeed is carrying. With more practice the trust grows, up to the moment when the person can float on the water even without
So I can see that the drastic happening has something to do with trust. We had the trust that we could swim, but probably we were still holding on something to make the swimming easier. Pretty obvious we were moving too much, even having the full trust that we could swim, because we had managed the project becoming 'professional' in this matter, the success confirmed us. But now there is the moment to go to the next phase and that is to have the trust that we can swim without any effort, even without doing any movement. We are carried by the water of life, no doubt about this. We don't need any traps, we don't need even any kind of stepping stone. We are carried. Is this complete trust the
transformation we need? Was the happening meant to make this
happen? Then for sure this will not be a loss.
Does this makes sense? Does it mean anything to somebody who is reading this? I don't need any confirmation for what I'm writing, I'm just
sharing because I'm not excluding the possibility that there is somebody out there who can benefit from it.

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