Need to be accepted...
Comment: We need to feel that we are accepted and matter to other people.
BeiYin: Who is 'we'? For whom you are the speaker? This is a statement you can use for yourself but not generalizing it. Although most of humans need confirmation through other people and with this are trapped in dependence, lies and manipulation, it is incorrect to let this sound like an inevitable condition of human kind. It is not. Only when clinging on one's limited personality. Although this is natural, the suffering caused by depending on this limitation, opens the possibility to go forward, towards development and growth. With the advanced result of being able to go beyond.
Comment: ...because we are all interconnected.
BeiYin: Is this a concept or comes this statement out of your own spiritual experience? Probably it's a concept, because someone who feels interconnected with 'all' does not depend anymore on other people in one's feelings and has no need to be confirmed in one's existence by other people.
Concepts, specially idealistic and spiritual concepts, might help to survive disgusting reality, but also they create a split and  produce suffering and frustration because the individual can't be content with reality due to the concept of a 'better' world. People are forced into a game, turning around themselves. Finding their self confirmation for something they believe they are, and being involved in their fighting against reality, for dreams and images, submitted by common concepts and adapted and accepted by society.
It is extremely difficult to look through these games, because the personality gets one's existence out of it and is bound to one's lies, holding on one's self image and pretending to find realization in it. To get out of the trap would require to quest oneself as a first step and this is hardly possible. The majority of people are identified with their dreams, concepts and beliefs and so they must defend themselves, what reforces their personality even more. Right?
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