What is Reiki really?
Quote: Reiki is an energetic transfer containing intelligence that promotes well being. 
BeiYin: Reiki is an universal energy every where present and for everybody freely accessible. The only thing what is needed is the intention to connect with this energy. Obstacles to do so are one's own limitations, believing that one needs guidance and initiation from an authority.
So one clever business man had the splendid idea to put it into small packages and give it a brand name, make a promotion and sell it in a well organized way, keeping it strictly secret and finding ways to make the access highly complicate, or at least promote it in a way that it looks difficult and needs masters, courses, manuals - with this being able to sell it to people in need making and keeping them dependent on this kind of sales system. This worked for quite some time and still does, but people waking up: They still buy things easily, but a few start to look through the tricks money maker are using. But the business men are always one step ahead. Also with the Reiki packages: Now they give the Reiki 'attunement' for free (for the good of humanity!) but then selling the needed information how to use it, in an expensive download e-book. Or even more sophisticated: They tell you frankly that attunement is not necessary and every body can connect with the Reiki energy. But to get to know how to do it, they sell you an e-book even more expensive than the manual.
The same by the way with the brand name 'God', a lucrative business since several thousand years. Selling the same under different brand names... And to get the most followers, believers or consumer they even kill others who follow a different brand and this in the name of their own xxx [brand name].
The same with 'meditation' which also runs under different brand names. Forty fife years ago I was initiated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when he first came to Europe. I was a student and had no money. But in those days the initiation was for free (only donations), not much later people had to pay one month of their income. I had meditated already several years before in my own way, but I was interested and so I was trained as an 'Initiator' by Maharishi. After I had initiated about fifty people, I could look through what it was: It had mainly to do with money... (Although I'm sure that Maharishis intention was good). So I was disgusted and dropped it, also went back to my meditation from before.
Like this it seems to be with nearly every thing. I am convinced that 'healing' and any kind of 'spiritual' advice should be given totally for free and not be connected with money, power or dependency games. 
Reiki as universal energy is totally for free and for all of us available without any intermediary, this energy is drawing us towards ourselves, away from outside substitutes and distractions. This energy is present within ourselves and all around us and when we open ourselves to it then it heals, without pills and sophisticated sales systems!
"But we also need to survive", - will say the salesmen. Oh dear, - humans are so silly, its unbelievable!

PS: I'm just wondering: Why people in these Reiki groups are asking so much for 'request for healing'. I suppose that they are all using Reiki for themselves, because they are at least level 1 or level 2. This looks to me like a children's game. Wouldn't be the first necessary step to take self responsibility, getting out of dependencies and respond actively to what is needed? I wouldn't have the idea to ask for help for my dog, cat, hamster, pigeon or for me, before I haven't tried every thing myself...

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