Not for humans under 18, not for people in an imbalanced mental state...
  Dot Exercise .... . .  .  .   .   .

An easy practice to make significant steps toward enlightenment!!
Or at least to create the basic condition for it, -
learning to relax and release your accumulated Stress!
Follow the simple instruction:
Go down the screen until you come to the dot in the middle of the screen, then sit comfortable and try to relax, look at the dot, but don't concentrate, what means just be aware of the dot, nothing else, don't be 'disturbed' from anything around you: noises, smells, etc. or within yourself: thoughts, feelings, etc. when it disturbes you, then just be aware of it and then go back focussing to the dot... When you think you have enough, after maybe 10 minutes, then go further down the screen. -
Start now, go down to the dot.>>>>>>




OK, take the next step: go further down... Be aware of your expectations, drop these, relax, just look at the dot, don't concentrate, just focus, be aware of your breathing, but without doing any thing about it, just observe it...




Take the next step: go further down... Look at the dot for 5 - 10 minutes, relax...




Take the next step: go further down... It's already much better than with the first dot, so just go on...




The following exercise is stronger and you will need to watch out that you don't get lost in your sensations!
Stay aware and observe yourself as a witness... Stay relaxed but don't drift away!
Do it not more than 5 minutes!



In this exercise you might have experienced strong sensations. Did you loose yourself? Be aware of
your reactions and go back to your breathing...



Now you can try the next step: Go further down, until the screen is totally empty... If you look at the empty screen, don't focus on the surface of the screen, look as if you want to see something very far even beyond the computer, but don't concentrate, relax your eyes...  While you do so, sense your body and ... relax!!! Observe your reactions and sensations, but don't get lost in it!
Be aware of your breathing!



Now you can go to the next exercise:

Switch off the computer.
Sit comfortable and close your eyes.
As there is no dot to look at and no empty screen, just relax and be aware of yourself, whatever shows up, but don't focus on it, just be aware and don't give any importance to it, let it pass by... Thoughts, feelings, body sensations, whatever...
Be aware of your breathing, without doing anything about it.
Just be aware...
Quote: The dogs are barking, but the caravan of camels are passes on...
You can do this for twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. Don't expect to be enlightened within the next few days or weeks, but there is no doubt that this works, I give you my guarantee! I know that it works because I have been doing this for more than fifty years!
You will find out yourself and experience the progress you will make and I would like that you give a feedback about it... And of course if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. When your intuition will be more developed then you will receive the answer from within yourself, but until this can happen, you need to be very alert not to go into a wrong direction or any trap... So better ask and as it is totally gratis, so you would be silly not to do it. Right?
PS: By the way, you might know it already: this exercise is called 'meditation'. Or if you like it better not to practice in front of a computer, then you can go to another Web page and get advice how to do my 'StressReleaseExercise',  This is not so fancy like the exercise on this page but for sure very effective...

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