Conditions for Visitors - Helper - Permanent Members   .
Update: For the moment, we can't welcome travelers, helpers and short time visitors. We are in transition and first need to establish a team of permanent members. If you are interested in our intention, - after you read our Web site, then make your comments using our feedback form and so we can find out more. And also that we can contact you later on, when again we are open for visitors. 
Why do you want to come to FalconBlanco?   Is the reason because you are looking for an 'alternative way of life', not being satisfied with what is offered by society? Is the reason because you want to be understood when you are expressing yourself? And are you open enough to receive impulses which not only serve to confirm yourself in the first place, but to have a critical look at yourself? With other words: Do you have the urge to get to know yourself? Do you dare to question yourself? To look at yourself even there might come up things you don't like? Are you ready to search for reasons  mainly within yourself, not giving the fault to the outside and other people? Are you really willing to enter into a personal *healing process* which includes all your existence? That means your mind, emotions and your body. Are you answering with 'YES' to these questions, then FalconBlanco might be a beneficial place for you and give you the space to discover yourself in a creative way and so can be a stepping stone in your growing process and your home for some time. 
Update:  Looking for an alternative life style is NOT enough to come to FalconBlanco. You can't expect to realize your concepts and dreams at FalconBlanco. 
From now on we don't want any body here who need just a place for ones survival! Not  for ones dreams, illusions, concepts, pictures and all together ones precious self images. Not even if this is the most beautiful, spiritual and most high pitched latest sophisticated one! You can't come here just because you have no place to go or you have no work and no money and you are in need of food. As much as we like to help people, we can't accept them here anymore. Also we can not accept unstable people, - whatever the reason is: drug addiction, emotional traumas or mental problems. For more than thirty years we have given space for all those people, but it has shown, that to help, it needs more engagament and energy than we are capable to give. 
At FalconBlanco we are relating and responding to whatever shows up in our daily life as our *reality*, being somehow outside of society, but still connected to it. That includes what shows up from ones inside as reaction when relating to daily ordinary happenings. Our intention is to get out of our conditioning, to go beyond our concepts and self image. People who are coming here with their expectations, wanting to get confirmation for their personality with all established concepts and self image, are not capable to live here and we are not willing to take their reactions coming out of disappointment... 
The reason can't be that you want to be understood, it is also necessary that you are able to express yourself without being animated or provoked to do so. With this I don't mean that you just release your accumulated anger! Yes, of course this is also an expression, but doing so and provoking people to be able to 'express' yourself, is not what I mean. 
Asking to be open enough to receive impulses and to be able to have a critical look at yourself obviously is ask far too much. Most people are not conscious about the fact that they are constantly looking for confirmation... The urge to get to know oneself is rare. 
The only way to do something about the dilemma of wanting and not being able, is that you start to practice the 'Stress Release Exercise'. You can find advice by reading the page and then just do it. It is easy! You can ask for help if there is any problem showing up. 
Having practiced for some time, you will find out, that you can live an 'alternative life style' just there where you are. For sure this is the best way to get to know yourself, - you don't depend on any surrounding or other people. You can do it by yourself and you will have the full benefit. 
If you come to FalconBlanco, as a visitor or as a 'Helper' or as a long term member, then we expect that you understand our intention and agree with it and also want to support it. This is a basic condition that should be fulfilled.
 If you want to become a member of FalconBlanco, then this must be clear.
   We welcome a limited number of visitors who are willing to stay at FalconBlanco for at least three months.
Our experience after many years has shown that staying only for two or three weeks doesn't serve any body, not the visitor and not the host. There is no maximum time limit for the duration of your staying. If you feel comfortable here and the other with you, then you can stay as long as you want.
Update: For the moment, we can't welcome travelers, helpers and short time visitors. We are in transition and first need to establish a team of permanent members. If you are interested in our intention, - after you read our Web site, then make your comments using our feedback form and so we can find out more. And also that we can contact you later on, when again we are open for visitors. 
   The condition for your staying at FB is that there is fulfilled a balance in what is given and what is received, that means that every body participates in common activities like the daily work to maintain the place or other work that is part of the *intention* of FalconBlanco, that means a minimum of four hours daily work (except on Sunday). But be aware that FalconBlanco is not a company where you drop the tool when you believe that you have done what is requested! You are motivated and interested to do what is needed... There are absolutely no costs for staying at FalconBlanco. With other words: There is no money involved. You don't pay and you don't get paid. (There's a list available of daily work in which one can participate.)
   You are responsible for your own health insurance. When you arrive at FalconBlanco you must have a return ticket or enough money to be able to go where you want to go.
   If you want to come to FalconBlanco, then the easiest way for a first contact is that you send an email and tell about your life, what you have done until now and why you want to come to FalconBlanco and for how long. You should get as much information as you can about FalconBlanco and our intentions. We suggest that you read our Web site thoroughly, - take your time... After reading the FAQ" don't hesitate to ask more questions which might help to clear things up. Knowing well, that the best information given, can't avoid that people project and interpret their expectations, ignoring any information which might upset their expectations and needs.
   Apart of this we must reserve that the first week of your stay is a trial. If we don't feel comfortable with you, we might decide that you have to leave and of course you are free to leave at any moment if this is your decision. Taking the time for some email exchange will hopefully avoid disappointment. We ask you not to show up at FalconBlanco without our confirmation.
Write an emailbufly.gif (2408 bytes)and mention in your message that you have read this page, that you understand what is said and then make your personal comment.  .
Concepts... Rules?
   For many people the intention to relate consciously to daily circumstances, will still be a concept they can't live, because they are not ready for it, although attracted by the idea. Attraction at least can  allow a certain openness to receive the basic information which can be used as a 'working concept', at least to start with the intention. This concept you can practice in your daily circumstances, for this you don't need to come to FalconBlanco, your unconscious background can show up where ever you are, furthering self knowledge and your growing process.
   The person who lives the 'working concept' consciously, is going beyond it and so the written or spoken form of concepts has no importance anymore.
   The same with the "NOS" of FalconBlanco: There are no 'rules', it is just a question of lifestyle. The lifestyle we live at FalconBlanco is very simple and we avoid as much as possible every thing that in this society serves as substitutes, giving the established common fake meaning to ones life and is also used to manipulate oneself.  .
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