Walking one's Path 

Earth bounded limits
grounding feet for one's long walk
fantasies fly off.
Growing becomes the path way
following the call within.

Sucked into concepts
card houses of illusion
lie of existence.
Personality bound mind
tricky base for survival.

Mist on one's viewer
colored world seems clouded dark
sight lacking aspects.
Being free from one's blinders
might be a life long process.

Secrets of one's life
seem to be all over though
can they been searched out?
Is there a shortcut to life?
Living now, being aware.

What will make one whole?
Separated "I" from what?
In deed I am whole.
Mind's speculations will fade
being exposed to one's light.

Longing for wholeness
separation causes pain
path of suffering.
Silence will appear around
finding all within oneself.

Search for source within
trust gives freedom
extending being.
Spreading wide out one's wings
soaring in uplifting wind.