I don't know anything...

Not knowing anything -
even though expressing plenty -
out of one's mind pool.
Words fulfill some basic needs
satisfying writer's head.

Expressing myself
feels good - it satisfies me
Eh, what's wrong with it?
People learned to write and read
to share and gather knowledge.
Ultimate knowing
means: I know every thing
and better than you.
Finding one's most clever trick
for best self confirmation.
Progress is based on mind
without we would live in trees
searching for our fleas.
Now we can fly into space
discovering all places.
Mind's knowledge-flash-light
covers up all one's spaces
finding sense and security.
One feels so good to fly high -
letting drop one's sticky waste.
We have conquered earth
there's no place without humans
we are being's crown!
Exploring the whole cosmos
expended without limits!
Plenty of nothing
waiting to be filled with waste
human mind's outlet.
Proud of gathered properties
forced to eliminate bounds.

Expending oneself:
Striving, fighting, conquering
omni existence right now!
Caught in attractive concepts
stuck in one's blown up mindset.

I am who I am!
I have grown to my presence
with all what I am.
I'm rich in all what I own:
Mind, emotions and spirit.

Developed matter:
I'm a spiritual being!
Finding my way to:
Fulfillment in abundance
when diluted in oneness!

Your precious beliefs
life long established concepts -
give sense of being?
Has served your needs until now
your mind-card-house might crash soon...
What makes me feel good
I will expand and get more
my hard work's lifelong result.
Nobody will brainwash me
taking away what's all mine.
You need to let go
of all gathered properties
to reach out for completion. -
Trusting unknown sense in all -
to find the source of all growth.
Letting go of all -
falling into nothingness.
What will happen then?
Being instant enlightened?
Transformed into pure spirit?
Don't worry about
nothingness - nonexistence.
Mind's balloon keeps you floating
there's no diving into depth!
Just the image of yourself.
I'm sure of myself:
I think, feel, have a body!
I don't need any more proof.
Although it makes me feel good
proofing my existence now.
All speculation!
Mind's endless games with oneself.
What keeps it going?
Moonlight doesn't exist. Right?
All light has ONE source: The SUN.

When knowing nothing
saturated mind has crushed -
light of knowledge starts.
Life's journey has many steps
coming home - finding oneself.

Striving to reach goals
motivated going on -
until illusions fade...
Searching all life long - struggling
turning around nothingness...

Then - what can I do?
Not to fall apart from all...
Probably nothing?
What about all future plans
ideas for success - progress?
Possessed by concepts
striving for confirmation
blowing up egos...
Live your life as it shows up -
looking behind worn out games.

Looking with new eyes
find diamonds among stones
lighten up stuck view.
Space of plain emptiness
opens door to fulfillment.

1. Oct. 05

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