I like to share the space between words...

I like a dot better than most of what is written 
all over the Internet in mailing lists and forums
but who is capable to receive the message
of a single dot - lost in space and time?

I like a simple flower better than a polished stone. 
But could David have killed Goliath with a flower?
I like a table spoon better than a cutting knife
but who can peel raw potatoes with a spoon?

I like silence better than sophisticated phrases,
annoying projections of one's misinterpretation 
pointing out the faults of the writer's poor intention.
Who can share the empty space between words?

I like a few raindrops better than a thunderstorm
although it needs many drops to cause a rainbow.
Who can see wholeness in a drop - the ocean?
Who doesn't need the spectrum of reflected color
to enjoy to be alive  and to share one's being?

I like a soft breeze better than a terrific hurricane
to receive a kind kiss more than a hit on my nose
if I had the choice I would prefer to be alone
but then who can be provoked without a mirror?
That foolish reactions may show up to be observed

I like to watch the clouds better than the Internet.
Wouldn't it be great if one turned on the computer
and there was nothing except silence and empty space
no words, no pics, no ads, no sound - just emptiness
and then one could share this with millions of others?

17. Sept. 04