> Quote: "There is hope in men, not in society, not in systems, not in organized
> religious systems, but in you and in me."  J. Krishnamurti
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Let us be Realistic:

Let's give up all hope - we are just fooling ourselves:
pushing life-long frustration and desperation far ahead
waiting for future opportunities and marvelous times to come.

Let's be aware that we are 'society', we are the 'system'
we are the world - not just victims of it. We are feeding it!
For a change we need to change ourselves.

Let's be aware of our attitudes and beloved behavior:
how easy we follow rotten corrupt manipulations
how dependent we are on authorities and playing roles.

Let's take the rein from words - responding with deeds
right now to what shows up in this very moment
responsible reacting from our whole being.

Let's go beyond words and beautiful expressions
the need of the moment gives us the best opportunity
of you and me: relating, deciding, responding.

11. September 2004    10:48