What is the most important in one's life?

Is it love or food? Or a worthwhile goal?
Is it knowledge, wisdom or understanding?
Or is it the fulfilling sense of life one finds?

Without doubt it is the feeling of existence
to gain this all humans do whatever they can
depending on their level of individual evolution.

Finding confirmation for one's personality
seems to be the most important in life
finding form and shape within nothingness.

Embedded in established common frames
one might find one's space and satisfaction
going with the herd - following given goals.

Thinking, emotions and body sensations
giving the base of feelings of existence
with all life's ups and downs, pain and joy.

Stimulation speeds up all personal reactions
if boredom slows down one's self esteem
provocation can be freely received all around.

All fields are valid and serve to find identification
from dense material matter to ideas of any kind
from religious concepts to utterly crazy excess.

Who can't find sense in one or the other means
can stimulate one's senses or may numb them
going thru nightmares or developing pseudo light.

Emptiness creates fear and must be avoided
with all means - even it might cause destruction
of one's mind, feeling, body or what is around.

Is this the reason why there is so much suffering?
If there is not enough  joy and happiness -
then at least pain gives the feeling of existence.

We are claiming the right to destroy ourselves:
The vehicle which gives us structure and form
guiding us on our path of growth to wholeness.

Poisoning the only home we have - once a paradise
killing what comes across the  path we follow blindly
what doesn't serve our needs - will be eliminated.

Is Planet Earth a real place of joy and fulfillment
or does our satisfaction come out of wishful ideas
covering all pain and frustration with blissful thoughts?

Being strongly identified with concepts and ideas
defending one's beliefs and fighting for truth
makes one blind for reality within and around.

"Yes, this is right, but what can I do about it all
being caught in the behavior of history of men
there seems no way out of the trap of personality."

Allow emptiness to happen - watch your games
observe your manipulations to fill all spaces
question yourself and every thing around...

11. September 2004    2:45 am