Walking on Clouds - Crashing Dreams

I want to leave behind
all the trouble I went through
still stuck on my back.
    See that it's part of yourself
    dropping  is a growth process.

If I could be me
I would be really happy
but there's confusion...
    Start being the confused one
    who wants to reach reality.

I can't see any sense
after decades of fighting
for some doubtful goals.
    All sense is there where you are
    right here - at this very moment.

I'm so tired after all
nothing of my plans worked out
I've totally failed.
    All served to reach where you are:
    the shortcut through illusions.

So then what is life?
Is it just a cloudy dream
longing for sunshine?
    Allowing to be touched - hurt
    observing - learning - walking.

What else can I do?
I feel stuck in a dense mood
impotent to fly...
    Take a deep breath - and let go...
    take a rest -  let it happen.