Let's Wake up to Reality!
Awake-asleep we have dreamed all life long
absorbed with our self-created precious images.
Isn't now the time to wake up into reality? - Beyond.

Better now before the card house of wishful thinking
will let collapse our hopes in despair and misery.
Leaving us dismantled, falling into void of lost
with nothing left except pain and suffering.

Longing, urged for never experienced wholeness
used by tricksters for clever manipulations
keeping us busy to strive for promising toys.

Being puppets in a monstrous world wide game
used to feed blown up selfish power needs.
Let's step out of endless unaware dependencies
bound to pictures of lack from our lost childhood.

Let's become aware that each of us is capable
to make decisions, out of being aware of ego games:
eating, doing, buying, thinking - what others sell.

Feeding a monster which will never have enough
Let's not waste our energy in trying to fight it
see the root inside ourselves - that's all to be done
become aware how we are trapped in substitutes.

Desperation - the sensation of impotence appears
since long suppressed and swept under the rug
by self protecting ignorance and survival techniques.

Giving space to look closely at what is in front of us
withdrawing ourselves from all blinding distraction
a quiet observer appears - centered in one's heart
we might discover an unknown 'free sense of Being'.

When realizing that today might be our last day
then clinging on worn out securities loosens up
future vanishes - what remains is here right now.

Fearless strength to look through arises from within
giving clearness to respond to what shows up
related in bright light to an unveiled new reality
nothing more left to loose - we might as well go on

It turns out that we are existing in a second hand life
trying to live concepts by adding color to drawings.
Reality is colored by itself - although uncontrolled chaotic.

We wanted to change ourselves - it never happened
now as established values are crashing and collapsing
we can't conserve our image of a happy lifestyle:
'respecting and being respected' in precious self pictures.

Let's take over at the wheel of self responsibility
now having gained the power to change things around us
because we have finally changed ourselves at core.

Let us be surprised from an unveiled light of reality
showing a new born world - we may learn to deal with
without being told what to do, without thinking tracks
- arising from old ashes before we get burned...

8. March 2003

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