All under One Sun 
All under One Sun
frenetic demand for more -
endless extention.
Individuals blown up 
needing outside mirrors.

Scape goats and black sheep
can't escape from desperate wolves
hunting their own tail.
Turning around  claiming selves
feeling great embracing all.

Wolf in shepherd's coat
unites all black and white sheep
herd's proud followers.
Frightening outside danger
justifies all violent fights.

Human nature rules
beautiful  - chaotic Earth
striving towards light.
Vain intent to create peace
avoiding quest of oneself.

Stubborn striving high
ignoring  one's base nature
results falling back.
Until clueless suffering
turns sight inward to oneself.

Lonely seeking truth
revelers might find themselves
deep water's dark mystery
hidden call from far beyond.
All under One Sun.