> I don't know what we are here for.

You might not know where you came from
you might not know where you are going to
but you know for sure that you are here:
Presence in light of your awareness.

> I am just so alone.

You left the herd of fast dream-runners
being tired of Californian rat races
with the urge to find real sense in life
which after all might give you peace.

> I HAVE to be accepted and appreciated for who I am.

There you have the key for peace within yourself:
Accept yourself, appreciate yourself for who you are.
You are holding the key and you are the one to use it.
As long as you depend on others, you will feel 'alone'.

> It is the Me that NO ONE knows.

Being yourself, the importance of knowing fades away
acknowledgment of yourself will be the best eye opener
bridging separating gapes between solemn walkers
fulfilling the painful transition from pseudo sense
crossing nothingness towards one's next stepping stone...


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