Now I understand!

I don't know what it is you understand
because this is exclusively yours.
Whatever I might express or not -
will be interpreted the way you want.

You see what you want to see
you observe what has value for you
you don't see what you don't want
ignoring my needs not fitting yours.

This has little or nothing to do with me
not with my existence nor expression.
'Others' are driven by their own needs
forced and guided by their history.

Better not to expect to be seen
by solely and separated beings
even when walking in herds with many
or running against the main stream.

Disappointed reacting - fighting for more
reaching out desperately to receive final truth
to fulfill one's dream of lasting happiness
longing to complete lost opportunities.

Communication and 'coming together'
are still illusions unreachable in clouds
as long personal blinders determinating
whatever might show up in one's life.

02. 06. 02

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