Painful existence

Painful existence
bound to body sensations
heart enclosed by head.
Frogs are jumping pretty high
do they believe soon to fly?

Enclosed in one's skin
reaching out to other worlds
cocoon stays tied up.
Letting go might help to grow
blooming oneself to blossom.

"No answer given!" -
Can one force a bird to sing
clouds to move faster?
Walking with cautious steps 
bright sun shine awaits ahead.

"Nobody sees me!"
Confirmation demanding
childish game blinds you.
Sheep's fear caused by hungry wolves
doesn't vanish being in secure space.

"Nobody loves me!"
Dreams of love and harmony
wake up, look around!
All waiting for exchanges
depending on busyness.

"I feel so much lost!"
The best start to find yourself!
Without fixed pictures.
Now  you freely  walk the talk
being aware what's all around.

"Frightening all around!"
Start awareness from inside
rest in calm center.
Finding hurricane's quiet eye
casting anchor within source.

Sight becomes brighter
received reflected light beam
unites head with heart.
Questions answered instantly
lightning doesn't wait for thunder.


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