Reflections on a rainy day

Although being excited and feeling good
one should remember the many times
when after having had those lightening views
the tough fall down from high but puffy clouds
touching hard ground with softness of one's nose.

Hurting bottom, broken nose - dreams going on.
Flying high might give some kind of over view
combined with staying still on one's firm ground.
Carried away from longing, strong needs 
to fill up the missing links within oneself.

Extended arms are reaching out for more
no distance, no dimension will be left out
completing the mosaic of one's own being.
Not quite knowing what to do or where to go
to find the final puzzle to win the life long game.

Jumping out of joy or falling into numb holes -
the moment comes to reflect on all one's actions
getting tired, sitting down, letting things pass by.
So getting out whatever might want showing up -
but stepping back and watching near the source.

Although still being excited and feeling good
I want to remember the many times of lessons
when dreams fading away and reality takes over.
Clearing up one's position, relating - responding
being hurt but facing own's truth - being oneself.


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