What can I do now?
 What can I do now?
 "Make yourself a cup of tea!"
 - - - Surprising  sound of silence!
 Source of abundance opens
 no question left unanswered.

 What can I do now?
 Stay cool - observe wishful dreams
 before been kicked out.
 Being will take over soon
 leaving ash of self behind.

 What can I do now?
 Watch the rain - breath deep - listen
 sound of drumming drops.
 Echo from deep source within
 wordless answers still surprise.

 What can I do now?
 Watch yourself turning around
 endless spinning games.
 Hawk sits far out on a limb
 rests from flight above rain clouds.

 What can I do now?
 No need asking  - doing fine
 writing some Haiku.
 There's a call from far away
 echoed from your heart within.


Remark: The first three lines of the first Tanka,
were written in 1957 as a Haiku.

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