Seven Tanka
written after the 11.9.01

Silence of sadness
no bird sings in burned forest
cold ash covers soil.
Hiroshima still present
human's omni ignorance.

Victim's reactions
scrambled shrinking shocked egos
illusion's carte blanche.
Hidden in ash covered soil
subtle seeds waiting to sprout.

Weight of attitudes
painful deep engraved patterns
suppressing soul's urge.
Conflict of existence grows
quest towards a step to Self.

Numbness from smashed goals
ego's card house blown flat down
pain seeing ones crash.
Will all waste their chance for change?
Looking outside for the cause?

Sprout's strength cracking shells
urge of growing towards light
birth movements of growth.
Let's drop empty shells of self
focusing essential goals.

Life penetrates us
light to be exchanged for free 
present NOW within.
Through all existing beings
me and you - no boundaries.

On worn out railroads
blind men are guiding blind men
trapped in consume games.
Let's jump off this rotten train
walking pathways of surprise.


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