Spider Web 
There is a spider living on our fork truck.
Every morning when I'm unloading the van,
using the fork truck, 
I see a beautiful woven web
in the hydraulic system.

I'm trying to drive carefully 
not to destroy the web,
but at the end of the day it is gone,
maybe one fine string is remaining,
showing up in the sundown.

But the next morning a new web
is attached to the fork truck.
This happened now for about a week,
I haven't noticed it before,
being concentrated on the work.

There seems no way to communicate
with the spider - to ask him gently
better to look for another place,
more static and out of the traffic
that his beautiful work may last.

The spider is continuing to waste energy
building his web in the wrong space...
But thinking about it in a different way
it might be that this is a 'message' 
send specially to this place and to me.

The spider is telling me something? 
Showing me beauty within the frame 
of an old ugly fork truck,
sun reflected in drops of night dew,
hanging in a fragile web.

Webs are meant to be traps,
but I never have seen anything 
not even one insect caught in the net.
It is similar with my poetry work 
in the Web of Internet?

Since years now trying to get attention
of somebody who might be attracted
to expressions coming from 'beyond'.
Indeed with very little response. 
Am I wasting my energy like the spider? 

It seems I do not trap anybody, 
but maybe it is enough that somebody notice 
'the reflection of the sun in a few drops of dew'? 
Maybe this is really all what is possible
and what is meant to be? 

Yes, I see it clearer now, 
a Web is not necessarily meant to trap.
It is meant to hold a few tiny drops, 
within a limited time in the morning 
then the web can be destroyed, it doesn't matter.

During the night I can write another poem,
in which during the coming morning
'light' might be reflected from within. 
Guiding beyond space and time... to oneself.
Thanks, I got the message!

8.2.01 edit. 28.8.01

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