Virtual-Spiritual Psycho Drama
Escaping from hurting daily reality 
into comforting spiritual dreams
yearning for unconditional love
surviving from meaningless doing.

Lost souls gathering in Cyber space
mutual need creates emotional fields
exchanging images of higher being
feeding each other with hope & faith.

Like-mindedness confirms existence
sharing deepest thoughts available
exploring dimensions beyond oneself
enjoying shadowless spiritual light.

Diving deeper - soaring even higher
there's no limit for yearning souls in space
to leave one's earthbound pain behind
finding blissful happiness that can't be hurt.

Virtual reality won't cover all needs
forgotten heart might collapse in pain
finding no touch - no lasting nearness 
in bloodless dreams of oneness & peace.

Coming down from virtual love encounter
to earthbound happenings - banal in vain
frustration is causing dramatically splits
within human systems - too vulnerable. 

No way to bridge incompatible realities
or to integrate one of them into the other
Seeking for truth, as being part of the game
will make discrepancy increase unbearable.

Better to end those virtual survival games?
Before going into self destruction & psychosis
dramatically tearing down all build up dreams
leaving the players thrown, left to themselves.

Coming down from clouds of harmony & beauty
back to earthen ground with all its weight & pain
carried on one's hurting shoulders - here & now
encountering oneself through all what is around.

Letting have dropped all virtual psycho Cyber games 
relating to what shows up, been touched in daily life
splitting will still remain and the need for surviving
uncontrolled appearance of fear & overwhelming pain.

Allowing painful feelings of being lost & left alone?
Trying to explore what is causing all these emotions
stepping aside - observing one's fountain of reactions
urging to grow beyond all triggered thoughts & feelings.

Loosen one's identification with personal property
will initialize stepping-stones to cross deep separation
towards horizons of multi-leveled true togetherness 
creating basic trust - going on to respond to daily life.

Finding meaning even in insignificant daily happenings
opening up to one's awareness giving voice from within
having bridged splits within oneself - no need to escape
whatever might frighten, all is part of the whole - right here.


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