Love Affairs in Virtual Cyber Space
               Love affairs boosting virtual Cyber space
               like multiple psycho paths on astral planes
               booming blown up high tech glamour of Internet.

               Nothingness filled with abundant bits and bytes
               attraction demanding sweet baits of promises
               pretension seems all to find self confirmation.

               Attracting yearning souls, triggering response
               delusion of togetherness giving satisfaction
               exchange and sharing of pictures and dreams.

               Sophisticated seeking advanced fulfillment 
               finding one's soul mate by surfing the Web
               reality reduced to screen sized spirituality.

               Exciting impulses flowing through finger tips
               manifesting all life's longing into mega bytes
               outlet for deluging emotions and thoughts.

               Protected by anonymity, self expression blooms
               limitless, without any need to be responsible
               or relating to what might be caused in space.

               Supported by millions of Cyber space surfer
               World Wide Webs are waiting to trap all being
               splitting life's wholeness into frozen bits & bytes.

               Spider webs might also trap some sparks of light
               reflected in tears of pain, not finding sense of life.
               Can sharing fantasies of joy fill one's empty heart?

               Protecting oneself from confrontation with people
               by escaping from  encounter with one's daily reality
               into a world of virtual fiction  - we become winner?

               Freezing dreams into CD and hard disk spaces
               transforming human beings into Cyber zombies
               sucked by limbo covering glamorous dates.

               Is there a way out of this golden Cyber cage?
               A way to find back to enjoy one's real sensations
               trusting, touching the ground - walking the talk.

               Although with all weight of suffering and pain
               finding one's way back to walk the milky way
               bridging distance between stars - hearts.

               Maybe the smile of a child given freely to us
               a rainbow between horizons - scream of a falcon
               will remind us from where true challenge is calling.

               To relate and respond from one's whole existence
               connected heart & mind, realized in daily happenings
               spreading out one's love & light - in this very moment.

             01. 03. 01

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