What inhibits to live 'Spirituality'?

With 'transformation' of one's personality starts spirituality
being a 'living system', personality defends it's existence 
resisting to every thing which is not integrated part of it
growing by gaining, being enriched, being confirmed.

All established games serve to create our individual world
finding ourselves reflected in every thing around us
opportunities to react with thoughts and all our feelings
being identified - turning around and around ourselves.

Sophisticated constructions of cart houses for eternity
personality is searching exclusively for satisfaction
including all levels from deepest dark to highest skies
spiritual concepts satisfying longing for ultimate security.

Motivation is based on the hope to find final satisfaction
longing that one's existence will last for ever and ever
yet still needing more  - until been blown up to extremes
ending up in frustration - falling into depriving emptiness.

From fare away there might appear a spark of light within
turning all traps and attractive baits into shadeless frames
losing old boundaries, letting drop pseudo securities
opening undiscovered space beyond known experiences.

Entering fields of chaos, an undeclared guidance might appear
allowing to respond in a fresh and undetermined way
to whatever shows up without discrimination - quest of decision
being responsible for one's actions - feeling compassion.

Although one's life is still the centre of one's being - 
reaching out includes to give oneself into the flowing stream
receiving and giving out of abundance - no limits left.
Surprisingly changing pain of unfulfilled needs into joy of being.

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