It's all for free

Indeed: The 'Handbook of Life & Death' is for free
It is the life we can live every day
what we can touch with our hands
what touches our senses
that what makes us act and react
responding with our whole being
that what we are in this very moment
not more and not less - no need for more.

Indeed: Life is for free
It's an engaging present we are receiving
giving ourselves into the unknown
Instead what is it we are doing?
Holding back ourselves - limiting abundance
clinging on the small - rejecting wideness
reflecting repetitive experiences
confirming personal structures.

Indeed: Space is for free
We may open wings to fly to new horizons
allowing to be carried by uplifting wind
but still the ground is holding us back
because we haven't touched the earth
were too far ahead with our dreams
fantasies born out of longing for more
the whole we are losing by being trapped.

Indeed: Light is for free
We just need to open our inner eyes
responding to what shows up in front of us
accepting the challenge as lesson to learn
dropping worn out old cloth of behavior
finding out that light and life is the same
experiencing that light shines through us
existence is free: love in light.


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