One's Final Position?
 Daily confronting
 human's cruel reactions
 ignorance to life.
 Self defending systems
 not connected to one's source.

 What can be done more
 than living - realizing
 one's vivid vision?
 Walking one's own pathless path
 responding to what shows up.

 Although feeling lost
 in colourful strange dream worlds
 sensing more behind.
 Relating from one's inside
 to whatever is observed.

 Point of reference:
 Transcending light shining through
 beyond appearance.
 Guided through present calmness
 not needing directed sense.

 Chaos can't disturb
 ignorance not causing hurt
 walk through foggy mist.
 Light's presence doesn't depend
 on appearance or sight.

 One's feelings and thoughts
 expressing mirrored being
 shown one's form in light.
 Presenting joyful presence
 building bridges to freedom...

 6. 12. 1999

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