We are blessed

Life's best IS ours, because we are alive
we ARE blessed, been given form and shape
being conscious about our existence
are able to distinguish, to make decisions

We are capable to ask, to query ourselves
to look behind the vale, the traps of form
finding the essential in all around us and within
we are the creators of our reality

Dreamer, sleeper, victims of circumstances
cough in self-sufficient dullness of matter
suffering and longing to get out of limitations
walking blind through fog and mist of ignorance

Our wishes and illusions keep us going
fighting to reach imaginary common goals
blind for the beauty beside our individual path
blinker do not allow blessings to be received

We own the gift to be aware, being blessed - alive
don't let us waste too much of our precious
by turning around our self-sufficient personality
the call from within is getting stronger - let's listen to it!

There are signs and voices to remember us
that our existence contains all answers within itself
let's stop to fill up void with endless chattering
being busy to cover loneliness and longing

We own the blessed gift of individual existence
let's dare to be aware of its pure and solemn form
that will allow to see all the rest more objective
and recognize that we all are   l o v e d   since ever


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