Expressing one's existence

A creator's existence consist in his creation
without manifesting himself he is pure being
but not yet reflected through his revelation
Lacking consciousness of his latent being
the creator needs revealing to exist fully

Light is not visible if it is not reflected
empty space doesn't contain any light
 as  source it can be seen in darkness
but it needs someone who observes
giving sight for light's full existence

Light reflected through the observer
watching what shows up within action
 becoming aware of causes and oneself
recognising the source of  light within
 light is most essential to see - to grow

 Creation is reflected through all being
from very basic level of  manifestation
Although consciousness is reflected light
inbuilt evolution grows towards the whole
needing conscious form to reach further steps

Growing  force  is essential part of all duration
a  hidden longing to unite with the initial creator
after a  long dark  way finally consciously  reflected
through the whole spectrum of growing human forms
the One creator shows himself  through his exposure

All is expression of the One visible through creation
with urge to express oneself - the way one is made
calling for recognition of one's present existence
being moved through a long road of evolution
to meet with the creator by finding oneself

Urge to express oneself finally vanishes
as well seeking and search for sense
expressing oneself  by being alive
responding by reflecting light
mirror of creation in love

My words are said
as signs to meet
like a smile
in air
15. 8. 99

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