Words expressed into Void
Experiences of being misunderstood
being ignored or attacked out of defense
the urge to express myself  has vanished

Emptiness is left with a trace of sadness
reaching out to connect with the One within others
wide space between my words can't be received

Pushed again to see what's really there around
recognizing the need within to show oneself
manifesting the invisible part of all there is

Words seem to be an inadequate material
too much depending on one's limited reception
individual structure striving for satisfaction

Words are used to reflect one's narrow existence
through fight or confirmation one feels identified
not used as tools to find the space beyond oneself

This might be the lesson for me to learn
outgoing expression will provoke reactions
as a substitute for one's suppressed creativity

Creative initiative blocked by personal structure
finds its way through thoughts and feelings
an outlet of life's force to make itself visible

This might go on and on  -  not being recognized
producing satisfaction and suffering at the same time
keeping oneself closed into the cage of separation

This for sure is not my situation. So what can I do?
Shall I go on just being in my silent - vivid space
enjoying being alive -  reflecting existence?

Silence which is filled with all those expressions
from all beings around - striving and growing
towards the conscious presence of light within

12. 8. 1999

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