Feeling Lost  - The first step to finding 
                 Isn't 'feeling lost' the first step to find oneself?
                 One who is stuck in identifications doesn't feel lost
                 Being busy with one's feelings and thoughts
                 with all those properties collected during life
                 being occupied by owning body and soul
                 and having one's spirit on the right pedestal
                 this fellow human being indeed is being lost

                 There is no need to ask or doubt one's being
                 limited existence provides protective security
                 density of an established system causes laziness
                 why should one question or doubt one's state of being?
                 Only unbalanced people will query themselves
                 what's asked for is stability combined with worthy goals
                 giving sense and firmness to one's life. Right?

                 Or might there be a 'longing' behind all stagnation
                 a sensible impulse triggering lack of satisfaction
                 although one's life is nearly perfectly organized?
                 We use sneaky tricks to suppress inner evolution
                 nothing may touch fixed measurement of  values
                 but manipulations or pills will not avoid one's move
                 towards an inbuilt vivid center of silence -  yet unknown

                 So why not confront the fact that we are changing?
                 What is firmly tied to be hold on for ever will not last
                 not even our with lavish care protected personality 
                 around we are turning as our most precious property
                 adding to it and enriching it with whatever is available
                 Why not letting go these old established habits?
                 Trusting that we will be carried to new fields of being

                 Where existence is lived because we are alive
                 capable to respond to what shows up confronting us 
                 relating to other beings and things and to ourselves
                 responsible as alert humans, - present and aware
                 not pretending or lying to be able to survive, not hiding 
                 gradually dropping games and role playing - growing
                 recognizing sovereignty - by gaining self knowledge

                            7.  9.  1999

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