L  o  s  t 

Desperate feelings of being lost 
painful reflections without hope 
wherever I go or whatever I search for 
finely I am turned back to myself 

   Be quiet,  - your desperate feeling to be lost 
   results from being scattered in space 
   wherever you are in this very moment 
   the center of your existence is right here

Why does my own presence weight so much? 
Is it the history of accumulated experience? 
My holding on to worn out structures? 
I am tired of being blind from too much looking

   Breathing out of space less presence 
   long hidden answers arrive effortlessly 
   using one's strength of distinguishing decision 
   one's dispersing forces are centered 

Will I find a quiet space in this world of chaos? 
Fear of void is reaching out to swallow me 
again I am getting lost in endless thoughts 
finding myself out on a limb of vogue existence 

   Existence breathes, listen, answers are there 
   freely presented around and within ourselves 
   you might go speeding for goals far ahead 
   but for sure come back to the 'here' again

My 'here' is covered with nervousness 
flashlights of impulses leaving me restless 
not knowing where to start and where to go 
I still feel stuck and lost in my own density 

   Existence knows well where you are right now 
   give allowance to be found by letting go of search 
   cramped by wishes coming out of one's narrowness
   old boundaries will melt into space beyond - go on

5. 8. 1999

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