Life - to be lived

 Life is what we are
 life is what we do
 what we feel -  what we think.
 Life is what makes us cry
 what makes us laugh.
 Life is our mistakes
 and the finding of truth.

 Striving for a goal
 might motivate us
 life is the path
 wherever it goes
 Life is the stones
 hurting my feed
 Life is my suffering

 What else can I do 
 than keep going
 to wherever the way guides me
 can I do more 
 than responding to what shows up?
 Goals might be just wishful fantasies
 losing their importance while walking

 The hurting stones remind me
 to pay attention to each step I take
 opening myself to details beside the road
 enjoying the shade under a tree
 and the beauty of a greeting flower
 I am becoming addicted to life.

 14. 7. 1999

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