How do we deal with our Attitudes?
Why should one deal with them?
Attitudes are part of personality
we are acting reacting receiving
out from our individual structure
dealing with conditioned behavior

Why  should one deal with oneself?
Only if there is pressure from suffering
Are we content with our clumsy  reactions
provoked by our attitudes without reflection?
 Might there be a good reason to change this?

Getting more favorable reactions from outside
Why  we are not satisfied how we are  treated?
It is never right or enough we receive in return
What is it we are hoping to welcome instead?
Smoothy confirmation for one's self image?

For that mouldet shapes we believe we are?
Are we all just rigid structure of personality?
Is there any deeper source behind our being?
Who is desperately longing for recognition?
Few doubts show up believing what we are

Suffering from reality might request oneself
How we are provoking reactions in daily life?
Is not this the visible sign of our structure?
To change would mean to jump one's shadow
leaving slavery of conditioned images behind

Do we view splitting images of ourselves?
Are we all caught in games with each other?
What could be the secret purpose of all this?
How could we possibly get out of suffering?
What are the solutions dealing with oneself?

There is a hidden key although a simple one
no one does need to search or seek far out
 inbuilt in our being we are the unit owner
nothing from outside can give it to us
nobody can take it away from us
utmost near to each one
realized key oneself
we are awareness
growing  by
to life

  9. 12. 98


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