Revealed View

My way to view the world has shifted
from going to outside - to inside out
from inside out - to inside in and outside in

My look was going far ahead
reflecting my multi-level inside
rigid structures built up since ever

Provoked reactions around me
triggering even stronger ones within
letting me suffer or enjoy - endless chain

All over mutual exchange of confirmation
re-creation of common used images
ruminated - giving one's existence visibility

Worn out games of yesterday's life
stuck in blown up self sufficiency
turned around one's narrowness

Repeated over-used patterns
fallen again in well known traps
repugnant abundance of dullness

Culdesac's dead end seems near
isn't there another way than hiding
one's head and heart in fug or mud?

Inner light can't be enclosed too long
growing seeds are bursting shells
letting go old forms will free the core

Lifelong learning to loose - to lose
acknowledging the only way to win
is to drop the old - freeing space

Blinders fall away - new born view
earth and sky melt together
horizon's edges fade into openness

Floating energies - yet unknown
refreshed sight and reception
recognized the Source of existence

Nurtured by reborn strength and freshness
stepping into fields of transmuting creation
surprised acknowledge of being connected

Inner requests freeing heart and head
no split, no doubt, no need to be stuffed up
void filled from core with peaceful silence

Gained new ways to relate to life
responding from  an amplified being
grown beyond oneself into one's heart

Lost urge for self expression furthermore
pregnant signification of words left behind
now moving on within sound of silence

Last words still left open to be said
let's leave them open, unpronounced
threshold of last truth still to be passed

Found doors boundless wide open
life's scoreboard gives unlimited credit
being an artist - relating to Life

12. 12. 1998

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