(Quote:)Who is this Existence

who puts sadness
in your heart

who is this soul
who sweetens your grief 
as soon as you crawl

the one who first frightens you
with deadly snakes
before opening the treasure vault

who changes a monster
to an angel
a sorrow to happiness

who gives the blind
wisdom and
inner sight

who changes darkness
to light
thistles to flowers

who sheds the sins
of the sinful like
autumn leaves 
and puts guilt
in the heart of 
its own enemies

who makes them
repent and in silence
says amen and

whose amen brings
inner happiness
and soulful delight

who changes bitter thoughts
to lightness and
joyous zeal

bestows fire
and makes you leap
with unknown joy

the fire that can
make a hero
from a desperate heart

who is this existence
who is this
tell me who

          Reaching Existence 

          'Who is this existence, who is this? Tell me who?'  (RUMI)

          BeiYin answers:
          You will find out,

          when screaming for help resounds
          your scrambled heart loosens up 
          letting go, dropping what has been hold

          When going beyond sadness and grief
          not being a hero, not leaping nor sleeping
          when exalted movements calming down

          When monster or angels leave no shade ignorance and wisdom falling together 
          deathly snakes can't frighten anymore

          When you have seen the world's sorrow
          and all the treasures melting away 
          no vaults been left containing anything

          When questioning oneself has lost importance light and dark, sins and guilt are left behind then might come the moment of being aware

          When flowers of existence open up
          the smell of being goes beyond horizons 
          the taste of yourself enclosing finally all

          Then you will know because you are...

          19. 8. 1998