What's the 'o' for?

What might be an 'o' for you
is an 'O' for someone else
or just an '0' for me

Is it the whole?
or is it the nothing?
or is it both? Or just a hole?

Is it a magic circle?
or is it an open mouth?
or just a closed up space?

Is it a pearl thrown before the swines?
or a pebble jumping over silent water?
or just a worthless soap bubble in the air?

Is it an important blown up point?
or the nimbus around one's holy head?
or just an empty plate from last meal before execution?

Is it the wet trace of an emptied bottle?
or of an UFO in a cornfield?
or just some smoke blown into air?

Is it a wornout coin of gold?
or a button without holes?
or just our old fashioned fullmoon?

Is it the leftover from an eaten deep-dish cake?
or the entrance to blissful happiness?
or just the deadly hole of a canion?

Is it the lost link of a long chain?
or an unlaid egg without shell?
or just an old forgotten wedding ring?

Is it the wheel which goes on and on?
or the quiet axle within all the hectic all around?
or just the centre of a hurricane?

Is it the I?
or is it the we?
or summarizing all?

Is it separation?
or coming together?
or infinite final wholeness?

So you might better ask yourself
what possibly could mean the 'o' for you
or might it be just decoration formed by simple signs?

so choose what pleases you
you may see what you want to see
or what fits into your upmost inner vision

My wish after all these words will be
that you may open your eyes and your heart
to relate to whatever shows up - even just to a simple 'o'...